Are You Hearing The Voice Of Love Within You?

There comes a time in your life when the love you thought would never leave you does.

Maybe more than one person leaves you or betrays you. Maybe you even betray yourself. Maybe all the love you have received from outside of you suddenly pulls away. Or maybe it shifts slowly from you over the course of several years, so that you wake up one day almost astonished to find that there is seemingly no love surrounding you.

And so at last you have the opportunity to come face to face with your own loving.

If no one else is doing the loving for you, you get a rare glimpse of the true source of all of your deepest hurts, desires, and dreams: your own love.

You get to see if your inner well is bone dry or stocked to overflowing like those champagne pyramids with the bubbly cascading down on all sides.

There will come a time when the voice of your truth is the only voice you can hear because all the others have led you away from yourself. This voice of truth within you is the voice of your own beloved soul. It is the voice of unconditional love within you, the one you have no doubt denied or ignored or been too scared to hear, much less follow.

Fear is normal, expected. But only love is real.

In those moments when fear eclipses what we want most for our lives, it's crucial to be able to connect to the still, calm voice that has a tight grasp on our greatest potential. It takes discipline, spiritual sweat, and divine pluck to connect to the unassuming voice of the truth inside us. It takes audacity and courage.

This is such a crucial veil to lift. Are you loving you? Are you hearing the voice of love within you, your soul-voice, and believing it enough to act on its directives? This is what the practice of loving ourselves looks like: we do whatever we have to do to hear our soul’s voice and believe it. We believe it so much that we make our life about that encounter.

In the past I have often been told that I’m too intense, I’m too much, or that I should “turn it down a notch.” I’ve even been told that I’m more trouble than I’m worth.

And I would respond by “smalling” myself, like a Slinky I would retract, shrinking back to half my soul’s size. I would “tone it down” (or at least try to) and pretend to be far more of what others wanted, needed, and expected of me.

None of that is possible now. I can’t dim or diminish who I am any more than a sea monkey that has met with water can squeeze back into its original packaging.

You will have to find the journey, pilgrimage, or spiritual practice that will forge a meeting with the soul-voice inside you. You will have to go through your own discernment process to distinguish the voice of fear from the voice of love.

The veil that lifts is this: there will never be a voice outside of you that is wiser than your soul-voice or holds more authority over what is best for you. You need guidance and support not to follow someone else’s truth but to remain loyal to your own. The voice that will guide you to your highest potential is within you.

Why is this so important?

When we remember our own love, we know that it goes with us no matter what happens in our lives—no matter what pain or suffering we experience, or what fears, real or imagined. We have the love of our life right here within us, beaming a course for us to realize our potential and fulfill our deepest desires.

There will come a time when you can accept nothing less than the breathtaking truth of your soul, the voice of Divine Love within you.

This was excerpted from my new book, REVEAL: A Sacred Manual For Getting Spiritually Naked

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