5 Tips To Generate Great Ideas

Ever wondered how great innovators are able to come up with new insights that lead to brilliant ideas? It’s no coincidence. Brilliant minds generate new concepts by making connections among (seemingly) unrelated observations, experiences, facts and emotions to unearth unique, luminous ideas. 

But that’s not all.

What’s the secret sauce to making those connections fire up?

Great thinkers recognize how to activate their brain’s capacity. You, too, can have access to the knowledge and resources needed to generate fresh ideas. Here are a few examples of how to ignite your inner innovator.

1. Get away from it all. 

Coming up with an “original” idea can be a real task. But fresh ideas come when your brain is relaxed and engaged in something other than the particular problem you’re embroiled in.

Long showers, soaks in a tub, long walks or even doing chores are frequently when those “synapses” that find alternative solutions to a problem in new ways all hit together so that the big idea can spring.

2. Meditate. 

This increases your power of concentration and allows your mind to become free enough to let ideas flow. You’ll find increased relaxation on the physical level, greater calmness and peace on the emotional level and more clarity and ability to focus on the mental level.

Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School found that people who meditated for about 30 minutes a day for eight weeks had measurable changes in gray-matter density in parts of the brain associated with memory, sense of self, and empathy.

3. Run wild! 

Exercise can result in a sometimes-astonishing elevation in cognitive performance, compared with those who are sedentary. Exercisers outperform couch potatoes in tests that measure long-term memory, reasoning, attention, problem solving, and even so-called fluid intelligence tasks.

These tasks test the ability to reason quickly and think abstractly, improvising from previously learned material in order to solve a new problem. Getting on a bike, taking Zumba  — whatever your fancy — is good not only for your gut, bur for your gut instinct, too. Just 30 minutes of movement a day can help get your juices flowing.

4. Sleep on it. 

If you want to be an effective innovator, you need a good night’s rest. Studies suggest that when you snooze, your brain is incredibly active. Because of the information freely flowing as you sleep, you're able to make new and exciting connections that the waking, conscious mind cannot.

5. Cop an attitude. You’re actually a genius. 

Confidence and an unwavering sense of self-belief are paramount to success. You need to be able to take the personal and professional risks that will benefit your business, to forever challenge yourself and seek improvements. If you think you’re a genius, it just might help you become one.

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