What's Stopping You From Being Happy Today?

Take a moment, slow down, and check in: How are you feeling in the pit of your stomach right now? Stressed, calm, anxious, rushed, light, heavy, nervous, satisfied, empty… happy?

Happiness is the ultimate goal of everything we do. Our careers, money, relationships, food and exercise can be traced back to a simple human desire to be happy. But we often don’t make happiness a priority in our daily lives.

We push through with all the willpower we have. We put in long hours at the office and eat lunch at our desks. We give our power away to people who are “higher up.” We go on restrictive diets and turn to brutal exercise regimens to erase that last lingering cellulite spot on the back of our thighs. We run, compete, battle, and push so that one day we can be happy.

There is something radically wrong with this picture, isn’t there?

Our society has created the illusion that we're never “there” yet, and since we “haven’t arrived,” how can we truly be happy? That would be like enjoying standing in traffic on the way to the beach.

In my work with my clients, making happiness a priority EVERY DAY is one of our main goals. In order to take this big leap into prioritizing happiness, you have to understand that:

  • There will always be more emails to respond to.
  • There will always be a new fitness routine that promises to kick your butt into even better shape.
  • There will always be a phone call to return.
  • There will always be another project to attack, complete, and conquer.
  • There will always be more information to gather and more knowledge to acquired.
  • There will always be another new, amazing food to incorporate into your diet that will boost your metabolism yet again.
  • There will always be another gadget or piece of clothing you want.

Basically, there will always be another step, another thing, another task.

So what?

All of these are mere realities that are simply part of a non-static life.

Just because there's more “stuff” to do doesn’t mean you're not allowed to be happy today and in this very moment. It doesn’t matter that your inbox is flooded, your jeans are a bit tight, and your mind is full of new ideas that haven’t been realized. Happiness does NOT depend on the status of your inbox, your jeans size, or your future ideas.

Stop waiting for happiness to catch up, and make it a priority today! I want you to see all of the small beautiful beaches on the way to the big beach. I would love for you to stop in traffic, take a swim in the ocean, and catch some sunrays every day!

From my personal experience, there's one major milestone in order to make happiness a priority consistently: the ability to make authentic decisions that are aligned with your happiness not only in the long run, but in the present moment. I know how tough this can be. I've struggled with making decisions that are aligned with my own happiness for many years. However, after I suffered two herniated disks in 2009 and hit rock bottom physically and emotionally, I drastically changed the way I showed up in my life.

Making decisions that grow out of my own authenticity was the key element on this journey. This skill is what I teach the women in my decision-making workshops (if you are in NYC, come join me here).

The beauty of it is that it takes subtle, consistent shifts that make a big impact. Once you're able to see yourself and your priorities clearly, you can make confident decisions, and get on board with how your life unfolds.

Once you witness yourself and put yourself into the driver's seat of your decisions, you can consciously unmute your happy voice and lead your life with your real priority at close sight.

Here's how to begin: Today, discover happiness in something that you do — small or big, inner or outer, subtle or prominent. Allow yourself to experience this happy feeling in your body! It's there and I know you can do this!

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