Date Yourself To Look And Feel Fantastic

Written by Claire Abrahams

We all know the thrill and excitement of a new relationship, and the added benefits of improved sleep, moods and joy it brings. This is often reflected by the body as well, and people may comment on how good and happy you look and feel.

By choosing to date yourself, whether you’re in a relationship or not, you can constantly experience that level of happiness. As an added bonus, you'll strengthen the most important relationship in your life: the one you have with yourself.

So how do you go about dating yourself? The first step is to go through that really exciting “just getting to know you” stage of any new relationship.

A pro/con list is terrific for this. First of all, name your list something positive (mine is a “Me that rocks/Me that will rock” list). You should be able to put down at least 20 items on the “Me that rocks” list. If not, then put down as many items as you can, and keep adding to it as you get to know yourself better. Areas where you “Will rock” can be areas of self-development, skills you want to acquire, or aspects of yourself you're working on accepting, liking and loving.

While you would never forget this when dating someone else, it's way too easy to forget to speak to ourselves in a kind, loving and supportive way at all times. Self-talk is often so unconscious that we have no idea how we’re speaking to ourselves, so pay attention to what you tell yourself every day, and in every moment. If you notice that your thoughts could serve you better, thank them for showing you how you can express yourself in a more supportive manner in that moment — affirmations are fantastic for this!

Before a first date, you're likely to engage in some pre-date pampering to ensure you look and feel your best. It's just as important to go through this stage when dating yourself. Some pampering methods might include:

  • Getting plenty of sleep
  • Enjoying a nice long bubble bath
  • Enjoying a lovely healthy meal
  • Doing something to calm your mind, whether it's meditation, a walk, or reading a favorite book
  • Painting your toenails, getting a haircut, or buying a new lipstick!

Whatever form your pampering may take, it's in the act of taking time for yourself that will make you value your night out.

First Date Strategy – Dinner and a movie

Whether it's at a restaurant or prepared at home, your meal will have to be well thought out and nourishing for you. After dinner should be a movie or other activity that brings you joy. Just as you've made the time for the date, this time you set aside for yourself will bring you greater joy and will deepen the connection and love you have for yourself.

Book time with yourself every week for at least one ongoing date night, and make sure to celebrate anniversaries and special occasions as well. Taking the time and focusing on dating yourself allows this relationship to move forward in leaps and bounds. Over time you may completely fall in love with yourself – and who knows where that may lead…

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