Essential Oil Tips For Weekend Warriors

Written by Ashley Turner

Spring weekends mean more time spent outside playing in the sunshine. Whether you're training for a 10K, pulling up weeds in your garden or getting in a few swings on the golf course, here are a few essential oil tips to keep you playing hard all spring long.

Make Your Own Sunscreen

Spending a full day outside can be hard on your skin, especially after spending much of the winter indoors. To make your own natural sunscreen using essential oils, combine a carrier oil with lavender, helichrysum, myrrh or Roman chamomile. Mix 5-10 drops of essential oils per ounce of carrier oil and you’ll have your own sunscreen mix! Be sure to store the mixture out of direct sunlight and to test on small areas of body to be sure you don’t have allergies before applying to larger areas of skin.

On the Run and in the Garden

Whether you're running, gardening or participating in any activity that is repetitive motion, keep a bottle of PanAway handy to soothe muscle and joint pain after a long day of play. PanAway is a blend of four essential oils: peppermint, wintergreen, helichrysum and clove, which are known for reducing inflammation, blocking pain and cooling skin. Mix this blend with a carrier oil after a long day of work or play and apply directly to sore or injured muscles.

Essential oils are also a great way to help heal blisters. Apply German chamomile on a new blister 2-3 times per day, being careful to stop application if the blister becomes an open wound. Continue this treatment while the blister runs its course, as the German chamomile will also help heal skin after the size of the blister is reduced (lavender is also excellent for reducing scarring on skin).

On the Golf Course

Golfers can use the pain relief strategies above for any sore or injured muscles after an 18-hole day, but essential oils can also be used to help improve focus and concentration on the course, or in any other activity that requires focus and attention. Rosemary is known for improving mental concentration, focus, alertness and decision making. Carry a bottle with you as you play and inhale every few holes, or before any big swing.

Get outside and enjoy the spring and leave any essential oil-related questions or comments below!

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