3 Reasons Everyone Should Drink Green Smoothies

Greens might just be the most important thing you can eat. As a health coach, I've worked with hundreds of people on wellness and clean eating, and even devote a good five or six days of my 21-Day Clean Up Your Diet program to the importance of greens. Downing a green smoothie is one of the easiest—and yummiest—ways to fill your body all of the amazing health benefits that come with greens.

Here are three reasons everyone should be drinking green smoothies:

1. Greens are supercharged with nutrients your body needs to thrive. 

They contain essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are readily bioavailable and easy to absorb. They're also loaded with fiber to keep your digestive tract moving along nicely, pure water to keep you hydrated, enzymes to keep your metabolic functions running smoothly and alkalizing minerals to keep your pH in check.

2. Greens give us something that nothing else can. 

I'm talking about chlorophyl (aka liquid sunshine.) Chlorophyl strengthens your immune system, helps control inflammation, increases red blood cell production, and helps enhance your cells' ability to carry oxygen.

3. Greens give your digestion a break. 

Besides being an easy way to get your greens, drinking already blended plants gives your digestion a break since you've already done the first step by breaking down the food. This allows your body to send more energy elsewhere (e.g. kicking-butt during your next presentation, upping your cardio, or paying attention in school.)

When making a green smoothie, don't get too caught up in exact measurements. Green smoothies should be easy and quick to put together and a snap to clean up (no dirty measuring spoons or cups necessary). You can learn how to construct the perfect green smoothie here.

Happy blending!

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