When You're Chronically Ill, Make A Choice To Control Your Body

I'm going through the biggest transformation of my life. How I spend my time, who I spend my time with, how I treat my body and how I treat others. All of it is changing.

People generally don't like change. I know some people are uncomfortable with my choices, but that's ok. I have to do what's best for me, my body and my life. You do too, and when you have people in your ear telling you that they think you should do this or that, you can tend to get sidetracked.

You know your body best. You know your health better than anyone. You need to do what's best for you, and those who respect you will respect your decisions.

When you have a chronic health condition, you're faced with what seems like an endless number of ways to heal: medications, heavy metal chelation therapy, vitamins, herbs, change in diet, Chinese medicine, Eastern medicine, Western medicine... the list is long. Which direction are you going to go?

I can tell you that when you choose a nontraditional path, people get uncomfortable. This proves true in all areas of life; if something's not "mainstream," people judge. Generally, a person's opinions of what you're doing has more to do with that person than it does with you. Again, it's your body, your life and your choice. Honor thyself.

Do you think Kris Carr would be here today if she listened to her friends and family? Well, in Kris's case, she chose to ditch the advice of Western medicine — thank God. She decided to heal from Stage 4 cancer by green juicing her way back to health. That's right, guzzling green juice daily. Green juice pumping through her veins or chemo — roll the dice — she chose green. Can you imagine everyone's gasps and concern? This stems from those around her being uneducated, and when people are uneducated, they jump to conclusions. Kris honored her path, and she's alive to tell you all about it in the book Crazy Sexy Diet.

She changed her entire life, including the way she socialized. No more cocktails. No more going out at night. No more negative conversations. No more stress-driven, jam-packed days. No more caring what others thought about her chosen path to wellness. She went against the grain and won back her life. She's not being criticized anymore, but I'm certain that along the way more than a few eyebrows were raised. People criticize others' choices until the person they're criticizing comes out on top; then they all suddenly want to follow his or her lead. Funny how that works, isn't it?

It's hard to say no. It's uncomfortable changing a behavior, because people expect otherwise. I have such a hard time with this but I can't afford to accommodate others' expectations of me any longer. It's simply not possible when you're trying to get your health back on track. I let myself actually feel pressured to eat the SAD diet last summer all because some friends didn't think I should be vegan. Can you imagine?

I want to tell all of you that I hope you honor your own chosen path. When you need advice about your health, consult the Lord and a doctor that you trust.

This advice carries over into other areas of life as well. If you're drinking green juice while your friends are trying to get you to have a cocktail and rolling their eyes at you, so be it. You know that you're focused on healing. You have no reason to apologize for your choices just because others may be uncomfortable with them. There will be plenty of time for champagne toasts when you get well.

If you're new to veganism and others think it's ridiculous to give up eating animals, so be it. If you are embarking on any sort of diet to better your health, keep going. Change is hard but it's so worth it.

I think of my friend Maria Mooney, who's chosen to do Gerson Therapy. Gerson Therapy is a lifestyle that requires discipline. Maria is healing from RSD and it's pretty mind-blowing to witness. Do you think she cares about the people that judge her path? Let me reassure you, she doesn't. I admire her for doing what is best for herself.

What about the mother who chooses to do an at-home birth versus conventional birth at a hospital? The family who chooses home school versus public schools? The parent who decides that vaccinating her child is not what's best for their family? The girl or guy who chooses a new medication that has no long-term safety data?

Whatever your decision may be, it's your choice. Do what's best for you. You dictate, not society. Consult God. Consult your Doctor. Consult those you trust, or consult no one at all. It's up to you.

It's time to make a choice.

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