7 Simple Steps To Get Happy Now

We all want to be happy all the time, but circumstances may prevent us from singing the happy song 24/7. Sometimes we just need a reminder to give us a kick in the butt and get back on the groovy train. Let’s start with some simple tips to bring some happy your way.

1. Begin your day by writing down your intention. 

It may sound something like this: “Today I'm experiencing a gift. I'm letting go of any expectations and accepting all that comes my way with love.” Write down how you'd like your day to be in the present tense and affirm it. Our thoughts and feelings create our future, so set yourself up first thing in the morning with the future you desire!

2. Remind yourself daily that you're starring in your own movie, and you get to write all of the scenes.

Our perception is our reality, so perceive life the way you want to see it! No matter what happens, be thankful for it and trust that it's a gift. If we believe something wonderful is happening, it is!

3. Be gentle with yourself.

Often we blame ourselves for our circumstances, and that only causes us more pain. Remind yourself to be gentle and kind to you... numero uno! Give yourself a break and love yourself fully, without conditions. It feels really yummy and is contagious as well!

4. Make an agreement with yourself to let go of judgements.

You can have them back if you want, but I guarantee if you take a break from judging for a few days, you won’t want them back. Judgements are just a reflection of something we don’t want to see in ourselves, so examine that judgement (what is the judgement trying to tell you?) and let it go!

5. Spend time focusing on what you want instead of what you don’t want.

It’s easy to get caught up in what's going wrong in your life. Exchange that inner dialogue for what's going right in your life. What we focus on grows, so focus on what you want more of!

6) Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude! 

When we are in a state of gratitude, we are in love with life! And guess what? Life reflects that love right back to us. Yes, please. I’ll take some more of that!

7) Chill, dude! 

It’s not that deep. Ok, sometimes it is deep, but in general life is a series of experiences intended to encourage us to trust and love more. So take everything with a grain of salt, think happy thoughts, and dream big!

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