How An Uncomfortable Pregnancy Changed The Way I Eat

Written by Chyna Smith

I credit the birth of my daughter as the catalyst for the healthy lifestyle that I now live. As a young woman with no desire or knowledge to take control of my health, many meals were purchased from well known fast food joints and eaten in the car. I remember ordering a bacon cheeseburger, a large fry, chicken nuggets and a milkshake, and happily eating it all at once. 

Prior to becoming pregnant, excessive weight gain was never an issue for me, so I saw no reason to discontinue my unhealthy practices. The effects of eating such a diet didn’t become evident until I found myself pregnant and 70 pounds heavier, extremely lethargic, eating six large meals a day because the fast food never filled me up, and unhappy. At a time when I should have been ecstatic and glowing about the life blossoming within my womb, I was wishing that it’d all be over and that I could have my pre-baby body once again.

Two months after giving birth, I began to seek light exercises that would accelerate my weight loss efforts. I was the heaviest I’d ever been, which is natural after giving life to another being, but I’d far surpassed the level of healthy weight gain during pregnancy.

Experiencing results in weight loss and the happiness gained from the light workouts led me to research more about having a healthy body. I soon found that there’s no such thing as a healthy body without healthy foods to fuel and heal it. I sought out blogs written by women who fed their families healthy meals, and began incorporating healthier dinners into my own family’s diet. Although I’d been a fast food connoisseur prior to giving birth, I was set on not feeding grease-laden foods to my child.

There was no trouble getting her to experiment with new foods at home. The more I researched and experienced changes in myself, the deeper my commitment to a healthy lifestyle became. I could have never completely altered the way that I saw food and how it affected my health by myself. I had to experience the increased energy, positive outlook on life, weight loss, and mental clarity through my own journey.

I credit my daughter because had it not been for her, I would have had no reason to take a step back and consider what I was feeding my body on a daily basis. I would have had no concern about how certain foods can affect a young child’s mind, body, and growth. Because of her, I wanted more for myself and I wanted to see her experience few or zero sick trips to the doctor. I also wouldn’t have known that the food we consume carries energy, so it’s best that we eat food that's been grown and raised with love.

I've been so encouraged by the changes I saw in myself that I decided others needed to know the same information.I learned all of these things because my daughter came into my life. Although I experienced a pregnancy that became trying early on, my daughter has served as a beacon of light and understanding that I hadn’t known existed before, and I will forever be grateful.

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