Is America Ready For Healthy Fast Food?

One of our favorite food writers, Mark Bittman, has a piece in the New York Times Magazine this week about fast food, and the need for more chains serving up healthy, tasty options. 

We liked his philosophy on eating: 
"Good Fast Food doesn’t need to be vegan or even vegetarian; it just ought to be real, whole food. The best word to describe a wise contemporary diet is flexitarian, which is nothing more than intelligent omnivorism. There are probably millions of people who now eat this way, including me. My own style, which has worked for me for six years, is to eat a vegan diet before 6 p.m. and then allow myself pretty much whatever I want for dinner. This flexibility avoids junk and emphasizes plants..." 
Some chains he thinks are doing it right:  

1. Chop't
2. Maoz
3. Veggie Grill 
4. Lyfe Kitchen
5. Native Foods Cafe
6. Chipotle

What do you think? Is America ready for healthy fast food? Who is doing fast food right? 

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