How Did Sex and the City's Chris Noth Lose Weight the Healthy Way?

55-year-old actor, Chris North, said he was too big to play "Mr. Big" in Sex and the City 2. So how did he get back into shape, and do it in a healthy manner, to reprise his role?

Yoga, hiking, kayaking, and a vegetarian diet!

Chris told OK Magazine he got back in shape fast by "kayaking, hiking, yoga, and a vegetarian diet...The hard part was getting up at 6 AM to do 6:30 AM yoga. I wasn’t used to that. Yoga’s hard for me, but I know you can really feel the difference when you do it consistently. I’d rather be playing basketball. So anyway, that sort of got me into the mode. It feels better to be healthy."

Chris had gained the weight doing a play in New York and went to lose it in Brazil. "I was in a play and I gained a lot of weight for the part. It’s called Farragut North, we did it here in New York. Then I went to Brazil to a place called the Island Experience on Ilha Grande. It’s a yoga hiking camp and very holistic diet."

Namaste to that!

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