Has Instant Gratification Left You Un-Gratified?

In my last article Spring Clean Your Soul, I shared one of my favorite quotes, "God uses a Crockpot, not a microwave." It's funny but very true, and it can be a hard lesson to learn. In an age where everything we want can be delivered to our doorstep (I'm addicted to online shopping, too), is it impossible to appreciate the time it takes for the crockpot to cook?

The best things in life don't come in a flash, they come with time. Think about one of your relationships, maybe with a partner, friend, or family member ... did you all get close instantaneously?

I'm guessing no.

It probably took years to really deepen your connection and it will take many more to delve even deeper into the goodness of that relationship. And even though deep down we know that that's true, we still want love to come like e-mail. Point, click, happily ever after...

We have the same attitude when it comes to peace of mind. Sometimes we think that one yoga class will cure all our ailments. We walk out of that zen-y, incensey studio on cloud 9 completely in tune with every bird, flower, & human on the planet. Well, that doesn't ever happen. It would be nice if it did, but would it be as gratifying? Half of the reason we cherish the end result is because of the work it took to get there.

Think about that relationship again, bring to mind a fight that you had...what happened? You worked through it, you listened, you yelled, you forgave, you moved on. And at the end you realized how blessed you both are to be able to forgive and love. If everything comes to you as soon as you want it, you lose real appreciation for the journey.

The journey isn't always pretty or wonderful or easy, that is why it is the journey and not the destination. The plan for your life is a long one, much longer than the length of one tweet.

When you catch your mind thinking that the guy you are dating will know everything you want in an instant or the great business you want to create will happen at the drop of a hat, remind yourself that great things don't come in an instant because they are meant to last.

Tweets come and go, technology runs it course, but true relationships, real hard work, and your life journey are things that are meant to take time. The time that we are blessed with, yes blessed! Because that time is our greatest teacher, it teaches us to cherish the end result and be thankful in this moment, for it comes but once. So let go of even wanting things to happen instantly & be so glad that God uses that crockpot and not a microwave.

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