Open Your Heart Chakra & Welcome Love With These 3 Asanas

As compassionate human beings, we must journey through life with an open heart, and with spaciousness in our ribs and minds. Often, we find a wall boarded up so firmly that nothing can get in, and not much can get out.

But there's a beautiful flow of energy, light, and love waiting to explode and swell from within your Anahata Chakra (heart center). To open it up, we must practice kindness, acceptance and joy. We must embrace all emotions, and recognize each of them as beautiful. The first step is to exercise this area, and open it, physically, with these three lovely asanas.

1. Ustrasana; Camel pose.

Sitting lightly on your knees, straighten your spine and bring your arms up above your head. As you fold backwards, slowly bring your arms back behind you and reach for your heels. Grab hold, drop the crown of your head towards the earth, and create a subtle arch in your spine. Feel your ribs open, and your breath grow deep. Exhale fully, pushing all of the air out with your belly first, followed by your chest. Focus all of your energy on your Anahata Chakra, in the center of your chest, and imagine a beautiful emerald light beginning to grow and expand, as light as air.

2. Supta Virasana; Reclining Hero pose.

Now, slowly lean backwards into the mat, easing yourself down onto your upper back. Be careful of your knees here, and grab a bolster or a blanket to support your lumbar if you feel you need it. Extend your arms out above your head, and let your palms touch each other, and your skin touch the ground. Breathe deeply into your belly — your chest is completely open here. You're exposed. Embrace it!

You can then bring your hands to your Anahata Chakra and splay your fingers like a blossoming flower. Invite all of the positive and loving energy in the world to flow through you, and flow out of you. You are a being of infinite love and light; don't forget it! The emerald glow in your ribs is growing now, steady and strong. It's always there, don't you see? Always flickering. It's your job to feed it with love, love, love.

3. Matsyasana. Fish pose.

Finally, let your legs fully extend and relax. As you roll to each side, hide your arms, palms facing down, under your body. As you inhale, push down on your elbows and palms, and create a beautiful 'C' with your back. Drop the crown of your head to the mat, and close your eyes. Engage your thighs slightly, and point your toes down. Breathe deeply into your ribs — feel your heart expand, swell and explode with absolute bliss and adoration for all living things!

As always, end your practice with gratitude. Smile, laugh, and cry with joy — for you are alive!

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