5 Tips For Living In The Moment And Achieving Your Dreams

Written by David Starlyte

I frequently get asked, “Why is my life not working. Why am I not happy?”

In an age of abundance, why are so many people struggling to find happiness and balance? The answers are manifold, and I will only explore a few concepts for the sake of brevity.

Five ways to nurture your soul:

1. Instill stillness.

Happiness is our birthright. It comes to us as naturally as breath. It is only thoughts that create mental clutter, which interrupt the natural flow of life. Thoughts may be calmed via time in nature, breath, exercise, yoga, meditation, relaxing music. Calm thoughts allow us to be present, conscious of our surroundings, conscious of our body-mind-spirit… awake. ?

2. Connect and live from the heart.

Are you living from your heart? A predominantly head-centered society has not led to a happy society. The heart is the true seat of wisdom, the true source of innate intelligence. Nothing is more powerful than listening to your heart. ?

3. Follow your passion.

Are you following your passion? The heart yearns to be free of disruptive chaotic thought, so it can communicate to you with clarity and power. When you open yourself up to listening to your heart, it will guide you to follow your passion. Your heart is the vehicle for your passion to be made manifest in the world. A life of passion is a life of happiness.?

4. Clean out your beliefs with a mental detox.

What are your beliefs about life? Are most of your beliefs based on society? Government? Parents? Religions? Media? To change your life, start with cleaning out your beliefs, gaining a fresh perspective, and starting anew with a clean slate.?

5. Cultivate your thoughts.

What do you tell yourself? Does your inner voice say positive things? You are the story that you tell about yourself. So if you want something different, you have to start telling yourself different things. If you want to be happy, then thinking happy thoughts is an absolute necessity.

The time to begin change is now. There’s no time like the present. Smaller actions when done consistently change everything. Consistent action ignites cosmic alchemy, which guides you to your desired destination. See your first step as an adventure, something to anticipate with excitement.

Cosmic alchemy is no dream. In this world, the technology of change is based on three fundamentals: dream, thought and action.

Consciously creating your own destiny takes all these things. If happiness is your dream, shift your thinking to accommodate a new way of being (a happy state)… now take action. Live your dreams by doing something about achieving them. Then they'll no longer be dreams, and every step you take is a step closer to your destination.

Remember to have fun with every leap, enjoy the sweat pouring off your face and enjoy waking up early. These are not punishments, but are merely the way to fulfillment. With each step comes greater courage. Success feeds success. Don't lose sight of your dreams, your destination, but also don’t forget to live in the moment!

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