Holistic Health Techniques For Corporate Professionals

I'm a health coach. I'm a wellness expert. I'm also a financial consultant. Yes, I work as a financial consultant in Manhattan in addition to running a wellness blog. I delight in eating whole foods and meditating in between generating financial plans.

Why am I telling you this? Because it feels like the world perceives itself as divided into two camps: those who embrace alternative medicine and holistic health and… the rest (including corporate types). I find stereotypes often exist for a reason, and usually you don’t see a lot of corporate professionals in the holistic health field. However, with the rising cost of healthcare for employees, and just for the sake of living a better life, alternative medicine and wellness have a place in everyone’s life – not just for a specific demographic.

In fact, I turned into a better financial professional by incorporating techniques I learned during my health coach training. My sales increased dramatically when I stopped paying attention to whether I would make my numbers for that month. Especially in the field of financial sales, we're often taught to be looking at the bottom line. However, becoming a health coach taught me to look at my clients as people, instead of numbers (and how much money they could make me). Sad, but true.

People have a great sense of whether or not someone is being genuine. Haven’t you experienced this in your daily interactions? Sometimes you feel like you had an experience with a grimy, slimy salesperson, and sometimes you appreciate being helped by someone who had your best interest in mind – no matter the outcome. Which one did you trust more?

These are some techniques that helped me improve both personally and professionally:

Take a minute for yourself before every meeting. 

Use this time to gather your thoughts, relax, and remind yourself that you wish the best for the other person, or people, no matter what happens during the meeting.

Give without expectation. 

Help someone just because they need it, not because you hope they'll make you money in return, or because you hope they'll return the favor. If you can do this, you'll never be disappointed and the intentions behind your act of kindness are pure and there are no strings attached.

Resist the urge to react immediately. 

Every time I reacted impulsively to a negative email, phone call or comment, I regretted it later. When someone says something negative, it’s usually because of external life factors that have nothing to do with you. You're just the temporary punching bag. Don't take it personally and maintain your composure. Usually this calms the situation down, as it’s very hard to keep yelling at or insulting someone who isn't reciprocating.

Always speak the truth. 

You have nothing to fear when you do this. Act in the best interest of others, with kind intentions, and this will never fail you. People will take note, and you'll become more successful than you could have imagined.

We can all benefit from listening before we react, giving freely, and taking care of our bodies and minds whether we are wearing a suit — or Birkenstocks.

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