Essential Oil Secrets For A Better Workout

Getting a workout in on a regular basis is HARD! I know there are days I feel like I can’t drag myself out of my pajamas until 3 p.m. I’m stuck in front of my computer like a suction cup. I keep telling myself, “Don’t open the laptop or look at the iPhone until AFTER your workout, Hayley.” To no avail. I’m an obsessive, compulsive woman with drive. So peeling me away from my workload is like peeling a kiddo away from the toy store.

Don’t get me wrong; I still work out, and whether I’m trying to squeeze it in before I hit my office in the morning or whether I’m dragging myself out the door after a long day of taking care of my precious little girl, I want to make it as painless as possible .

Essential oils enhance my workout experience in many ways – from giving me energy to helping me stay hydrated, to helping with muscle inflammation. I always keep some in my bag for both pre- and post-workout.

Here are a few ideas for you:

1. Try sniffing energizing oils like peppermint or Citrus Bliss before your workout in order to give you a boost to get you going. I’m SURE you need this once in a while!

2. Also add 1-2 drops of citrus oils like lemon to your water. Sipping water with these oils as you exercise will actually keep you more hydrated than drinking plain water. The oils themselves help hydrate you, and the enhanced flavor causes you to drink more.

3. After your workout, applying lemongrass, or my favorite Deep Blue Rub blend to your aching muscles will help reduce inflammation so you can work out hard again the next day.

I’ve given you a few great tips on how you can use essential oils to enhance your workout and I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please post a comment below.

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