5 Things Yogis Can Do To Celebrate Earth Day

From using an eco-friendly mat to recycling our green juice bottles, we as yogis make a conscious effort to keep this planet green. But on April 22, celebrate Earth Day and take your efforts a step further. Here are a few ways you as a yogi can go an extra inch in showing Mother Nature you care.

1. Ride your bicycle to the studio. 

If you live too far from your usual yoga studio, this may be a good excuse try out a studio closer to home.

2. Carpool to class. 

If there isn't a studio within bike-able distance from your home, you can still cut down on emissions by carpooling with a friend to class.

3. Light candles in your yoga class instead of turning on the lights. 

Many yoga classes take place after dark for those who work full-time during the day. If you teach after hours, trying lighting candles instead of turning on the lights. You'll save electricity and set a special ambiance for practice.

4. Use an eco-friendly spray to clean your mat. 

Forget the chemical-filled junk and turn to something natural. Essential oils work great as cleaners and are 100% pure and natural as they are extracted from plants.

5. Spruce up the outside of your studio and plant a tree. 

Is the inside of your favorite yoga studio glowing but the outside is looking a little drab? Give it some TLC this Earth Day and plant a tree. Ask the owner of your studio if you and some of your yoga buddies can team up to give the studio's exterior an environmentally friendly makeover.

How are you celebrating our planet this Earth Day, yogi friends?

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