Why I Create Green Juice For Love

Recently, one of my dear private students had her much-anticipated baby, which turned out to be a girl. This was kind of a big deal. My student suffered two miscarriages prior to this birth, so she was cautious during her pregnancy. She had to endure shots to keep her hormones in balance. During one of our quite deep, spiritual private sessions, she confessed to me that she was studiously avoiding hope.

In short, per Brene Brown’s wisdom, she was forbidding joy. She'd lost her tolerance for vulnerability. She didn’t want to let herself get too excited so that if things didn’t work out the way she wanted them to, she wouldn’t feel too much pain. We both cried as she voiced these words. She overcame this fear, and by the end of her pregnancy, she was eagerly anticipating the arrival of this baby.

Her delivery was complicated. The baby ended up in NICU. But they are well. The baby is off the warmer and off of the IV. She’s eating more and more at each feeding. She'll hopefully head home within the next week or so.

My neighbor across the street is also a student of mine. This is a beautiful woman who has a seven-year-old daughter and a fiance. Her fiance was in remission from stage four colon cancer. They were scheduled to be married in May. Recently, they learned that his cancer is back and it’s raging. He has tumors in his stomach now that are precluding him from eating food. He’s lost 25 pounds in two weeks. He didn’t have five pounds to lose, much less 25. In a state of bravery, awareness and love, they moved their wedding date into this last weekend. The pictures were sweet and adorable and more than a little tragic — so much love, so much sorrow, so much raw beauty, all wrapped into one.

When my mom was nearing her final days, she could no longer consume roughage. This was fine by her. My family isn't known for their healthy eating habits. I’m the only one who pays attention to these things. But I didn’t think it was the best idea for mom to be consuming rich foods and fried foods and fast food. So I would juice for her. I took her green juice. I took her kale, cucumber, celery, ginger and apple concoctions. She eagerly consumed it. She knew the juice made her feel better.

When I was contemplating what to take my friend who's enduring long sleepless nights in the hospital with a newborn she's worried about, it came to me easily. I’ll make her a green juice. Yes, flowers are lovely. But what she needs more than anything is extra energy. She needs a boost of vitamins and minerals absorbed easily by our bodies in the living enzymes found in a juice if consumed quickly after making. She was grateful and sent me many loving texts later.

When I heard my sweet neighbor telling one of our friends about her husband's malignant tumors in his stomach that were preventing him from being able to eat, I knew I would need to juice for him. I’ve been taking him juice daily. They're amazingly gracious in receiving my offer.

I juice for love. I juice to bolster energy and repair damage and aid people, loved ones in dealing with whatever it is that life is serving up. Green, after all, is the color of the heart chakra. When I create green juice of love in my heart, I create love. I create connectedness. And this brings so much joy.

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