Why I've Decided To Stop Slaving To The Myth That I'm Insignificant (And You Should Too)

I was in the shower right before leaving for Phoenix, when I had an idea: I should reach out to my new friend. We should team up. I can host her in Fort Worth and maybe she can host me at her studio. I finished showering, hopped out and shot her an email.

Her response was mind blowing. I know I’m a bit of a no-name, but I’d love to teach at your studio. I was shocked. She’s not a no-name. She’s actually an up-and-comer who regularly writes for a major publication; she has her own studio; she’s even done a TEDx talk (definitely a dream of mine). I’d be honored to host her.

Then, a week or so later, I was out with my husband seeing a friend’s band. A girl tapped me on my shoulder and said, “Aren’t you a writer? I think I’ve seen your photo on my favorite blog. I love your writing!” I blushed 15 shades of red and wanted to crawl under the nearest bar table.

Here was my own no-name gremlin fluffing itself up and giving me the what-for. It was saying, Puh-lease! She probably has you mixed up with someone else. Your writing doesn’t matter. It’s just a few blog posts anyway. What’s the big deal?

See, one of my fears is that secretly, deep down, I’m a charlatan. And that someone is going to figure that out.

However loud that voice may have been, a part of me knows it’s simply not true. It’s a myth. And it’s worth debunking. None of us is a no-name, a nobody, or insignificant. We are all somebody; we are all significant.

The truth is: I’m not. I speak from my heart every time I write. I share myself transparently. My writing fuels my teaching; my teaching fuels my writing. I don't try to be something or someone I’m not. I am not slaving to a need to win approval. And when I really dig into this fear, I realize it’s completely unfounded and false. And that is so refreshing.

I used to dream about work in my corporate career days. When times were stressful and I had a lot going on, I would dream of completing work — writing emails, writing powerpoint presentations, turning around edits for content, etc. Now, I still dream of work. Sometimes I dream of teaching classes, sequencing, verbal cueing, and sometimes I even dream in the philosophies I’m studying.

The other night, I caught myself dreaming in Dr. Wayne W. Dyer-isms. Here I was, half asleep, thinking, Live from the end, treat yourself as if you’ve already accomplished that which you most desire! “I am a published writer,” I said to myself in my dreams. “I have a book on the New York Times bestseller list,” I continued in my state of unconsciousness. I woke and chuckled at myself.

This, to me, is comical and delightful at the same time. My, what a difference a decade makes!

And I love it. I love where I am now. I love dreaming about my dreams and about yoga classes. I love feeling into my depths and radiating authenticity. I love connecting with like-minded souls. And I love having “fans,” however shocking that may be.

None of us is a no-name. Believing that we are is a self-limiting, self-fulfilling prophecy. Let’s throw it to the wayside. Lean in. Let’s own our significance instead. We’re all in this together...

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