Yes, Sexy Underwear Can Make All The Difference

Ever hear about how the little things matter a lot? However much we want to crumple the bridge of our noses at this cliché, it happens to be true. Treating ourselves in the smallest ways can lead to great satisfaction. For example, buying a pair of new underwear can sometimes mean the difference between feeling low and feeling great.

Raise your hand if you’re guilty of having a pair (or a few pairs) of ratty underwear. The kind worn to the hated job, a quick outing, “that time of the month,” laundry day or as a result of laziness. I believe most of us are guilty of this and are repeat offenders. I’ll be the first to admit that if this were a crime, I’d be extremely criminal. Why don’t I take the time to jazz up this part of my daily wear? Why does it matter?

Wearing nice or sexy underwear is a way for me to treat myself, to let myself know I'm worth the effort. I'm worth wearing nice patterns made of material that's not faded and full of holes. I'm worth an extra couple of bucks on occasion. Also, when I dress sexy, I feel sexy! A great outfit can really help with obtaining a certain mood. There's more than one reason a red power tie and a suit will beat a white t-shirt and sweats for a job interview.

Think about it. How do you feel wearing any unloved piece of clothing? I feel indifferent. “Well, it’s clean so I’ll put it on,” followed by an internal shrug. I’m not saying think about your undergarments all day. The point is, there's no love going into this everyday adornment. I’ve attained a habit of indifference to myself. If I don’t care to treat myself well, not many others will.

Adding a small bit of cuteness or sexiness to my wardrobe always does me good. I like colorful, smooth and eye-catching things. A lot of us do, but it’s not like I have to go shopping every week. I don’t even have to go to Victoria’s Secret. All I need are new pairs in good condition.

Recently I saw a pair of salmon-colored pants in a pack of boy shorts, ones that were pinkish with some bright orange. On first seeing them I thought, “Who on earth makes underwear this color? Why would someone wear this?” I think this every time I put them on. Yes, I wear them. Especially since having that thought in mind makes me laugh. Each time I see that pair of boy shorts, I smile to think of the bright absurdity I love so much.

Perhaps underwear isn’t your pick to spice up your personal adornment and self-worth. Maybe it’s the lack thereof. No judgment here. This concept can go for shoes, jewelry, shirts and hairstyles, whatever. What’s important is to start somewhere small. Fine more and more ways to love myself and show I’m worth doting upon. We all are. Within reason of course. Not to forget an element of fun like my beloved salmon boy shorts.

Where can you start to make small uplifting changes in your life? I’d love to hear in the comments from you. For me, I’ll start with sexy underwear!

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