Are You Exercising For The Right Reasons?

Written by Isabel Foxen Duke

For those inclined toward punishing diet or exercise regimes (i.e. those who are usually in some dramatic conquest towards weight loss, or feeling shitty about their bodies), it’s difficult to hear the little voice inside that tells us how to work out in a way that truly nourishes our bodies, rather than drains us. 

If your “workout slave driver” voice is drowning out your “soulful loving movement” voice (the voice that says, “take a chill pill, you already went spinning four times this week”), read this to redefine your relationship with exercise and start to make peace with your body once and for all...

1. The goal of exercise should always be to feel good in your body, rather than look good in it. When we focus on the feeling we get from working out, the rewards are instantaneous and we’re triggered to genuinely love movement, rather than feel like we have to do it because we think our bodies aren’t good enough the way they are.

2. Start to use your intuition, rather than your “plan” around exercise. That is, check in with your body and ask her what her movement needs are in a given moment. Do you need cardio-kick-box right now? Or a gentle yoga class? If you pay attention, she’ll tell you what she wants.

3. Ditch the calculator mentality; that is, don’t workout to “counter-balance” something you’ve eaten or for the exclusive purpose of burning calories. THIS IS A SET UP FOR BINGE-EATING, INJURY AND BEYOND. SERIOUSLY, STOP. Working out should be something we do to honor our body, not disparage or punish it. If you’re struggling with this, download my guide, How To Not Eat Chocolate Cake, and stop self-sabotaging around food and weight right now.

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