Spring Clean Your Soul

We all know that now is a great time to some spring cleaning: re-evaluate what we need and what we're ready to let go of. But what about spring-cleaning our spirits?

With each new season comes the opportunity to look inward and take notice of what’s going on inside. Look at what built up over the winter, and what stayed with you? Maybe you had a falling out recently that left some scars, or a crazy holiday break from which you still feel a little bit frazzled.

So let’s approach this new season as a great gift, giving us the chance for re-birth! Here are some tips to spring clean your spirit.

1. Start slow. 

There may be a laundry list of things you want to throw out the door, but if you try to do it all at once you will feel overwhelmed & lost in the sea. Instead begin with ONE thing. Maybe… ‘I want to let go of this scar’ or ‘I want to create more trust, and let go of doubt’ or ‘I want to release the anger I feel towards…’ AND then...

2. Meditate on it. 

Repeat to yourself I am letting go of... or I am cultivating more... Maybe you repeat this to yourself during your run, or your daily meditation, or even when you are folding laundry or cooking dinner. The repetition of what you desire to release will help it to begin to do so. OR maybe...

3. Write it down and tear it up! 

For those of us who are visual learners, it can really help to see what we want to spring-clean out in the open. So think of what you'd like to toss and write it down. Write it in BIG letters, and then shred it! See that hindrance being destroyed, and envision it also leaving your soul behind! AND remember to...

4. Give yourself grace.

Let's be real here: nothing happens overnight. Our souls don't respond like e-mail. I heard a wonderful quote on the radio the other day "God doesn't use a microwave, He uses a crockpot." Understand that your spirit works the same way, you plant the seed and nurture it so overtime it will grow.

Begin with one thought, one intention to clean something out, and remind yourself or it & breath & try to release. With time your intention will become reality, and your spirit will feel as clean & shiny as your newly spotless garage.

Happy spring-cleaning!

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