20 Ways To Be Happy Without Spending A Dime

I just want to be happy. We know that consuming high-vibrational, healthy, invigorating food can make us feel better and renew zest for life, but too often we create excuses that hinder our progress at creating the life we are meant to live. You may feel hindered by money issues, time, or lack of creativity, but here are 20 simple ways to be HAPPY for FREE!

1. Listen to goofy music.

2. Dance like no one is watching.

3. Lay out in the sun (Vitamin D is proven to boost moods!)

4. Go to the airport and watch friends and families reconnect.

5. Do something nice for somebody else, example - go play cards with old people!

6. Give a dollar to somebody who needs it.

7. Give away a hug.

8. Call your mom and say, “Thank you for having me." Thank your dad for being awesome.

9. Go to a pet store or animal shelter, find an animal that hasn't had attention in a long time and cuddle it.

10. Hike a mountain and read a book at the top.

11. Eat healthy food and read all the benefits you're giving your body!

12. Draw a mustache on yourself – if you have one, shave it off!

13. Take a bath – or soak in the river! Water is cleansing and healing.

14. Take a nap; get good sleep.

15. DRINK plenty of water.

16. Help an old lady across the road.

17. Introduce yourself to your neighbors.

18. Make a puppet out of found household items, then put on a show.

19. Play with children – they're the best at creating fun activities!

20. Share your talent for free! Everyone loves to be great at something – give a backrub or paint a picture and brighten someone else's day with a gift.

There are no excuses; we create our happiness in life. Living a clean and healthy lifestyle, moving your body, creating conscious communication and relationships, and enjoying the fun times in all situations are the foundations to manifesting happiness — the kind the lasts the longest and leaves the best impressions. Any more suggestions? Leave them below! And smile!

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