What You Need To Know To Survive As A Yoga Teacher

Written by Brian Penny

We talk a lot about the eight limbs of yoga, but the truly successful yogi practices 10 limbs. The other two limbs are related to the yogi as an entrepreneur, and being a successful entrepreneur is the only way to build a stable career in yoga. As you explore the 8 limbs of yoga, prepare to branch out into the two hidden limbs of yoga.

Limb 9: Know your value.

My yogi, Ally, already taught me a lot about yoga’s applications in life. The most important lesson I learned and applied to my life is always know my value. Time is the most precious resource you have. It’s the only currency that can be spent, but never replenished.

You may love yoga, but according to Kino Macgregor, the yogi entrepreneur behind Ashtanga yoga’s most successful brand, it takes 10,000 hours to master yoga. If you want to spend 10,000 hours of your life focusing on yoga, you need to figure out a way to survive financially.

Yoga makes your life feel like always sipping a milkshake, but a lot of people have milkshakes. The responsibility to bring all the boys to your yard rests solely on your shoulders. Make sure you understand how much money your time is worth so you maximize it most efficiently. This includes travel, promotion, and any other resources your practice may require as it evolves into a lifestyle.

Limb 10: Be resourceful.

Maybe you don't want to teach yoga. Maybe you just want to free up more time for your practice. Teaching isn't the only marketable skill a yoga practice provides.

For a time I didn’t view myself as a writer. I saw it as a tool to promote my cause. Once it clicked for me through my practice, I started finding ways to get paid for writing. Now I get paid to hang out at my yoga studio writing about business, politics, healthy living, and yoga. Writing became a career in itself while still providing a useful promotional tool for me as an activist and yogi. I even used my writing skill to connect with both Ally and Kino.

Like myself, Kino and Ally understand the power of digital technology in today’s ever-evolving culture. It applies not only to yoga, but to the world. Wielding the power of global connectivity in our hands, every facet of society is developing at a faster pace than ever before. A yogi must focus not only on himself, but also on the changing global community. To transition into a yoga lifestyle, we must find a way to live a comfortable life free of all restraints while honoring tradition and accepting evolving trends.

If you want to stick out among a crowd of yoga enthusiasts and make it a career, you have to master not only your yoga practice, but also the skills of an entrepreneur. Play to your strengths. Think about what you actually enjoy doing and are skilled at. Remain open to learning from every experience. Your yoga practice will open you up to skills in marketing, sales, accounting, auditing, quality control, management and so much more. What you do with it is up to you, but a wise yogi once told me teaching is a great way to travel the world and get paid.

By following these hidden limbs of yoga, you can maintain a successful yoga practice in an ever changing economic environment. Financial sustainability is essential in any career transition. As yoga is applicable to life, the reverse is also true.

To balance the weight of the world, you must first learn to balance yourself…


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