I Got Eczema. Now What?

I consider myself blessed when it comes to my overall health. I've never had a major setback that’s prevented me from going about my life. In fact, I rarely even get a cold.

I take care of myself, always making sure to get a good night’s sleep and eat well. I make it to yoga class several times a week and get in some cardio, too.

So when I was recently struck with an incredibly uncomfortable bout of eczema, I felt truly hopeless for the first time in recent memory. The dermatologist gave me a prescription cream that I quickly went through, to no avail. The eczema got worse.

As I write this, there is not one single part of my body, except maybe my eyeballs, that are not in discomfort 100% of the time.

I’ve taken oatmeal baths, used eczema therapy lotion, and am awaiting a box from UPS which contains cod liver oil, vitamin D, coconut oil and Dead Sea salts. I take fish oil and eat a vegan diet (except for the fish oil, obviously). I use only all-natural cleaning and bath products.And yet, I itch.

I'm starting to think it’s time to go inward on this one. At this point, I don’t know what else to do. I feel strongly about the existence of a mind-body connection in all of us, so I began a nightly Dead Sea salt bath ritual that's the furthest thing from my previous home-from-work routine. I light a candle, get in the tub, and meditate.

Eczema is an incurable autoimmune disorder. But if I can find stillness inside, my body will stop attacking itself, right?

When did I stop listening to my body and allow myself to get so stressed out my poor skin is going haywire and my immune system is in overdrive?

This is how stress manifests in me – I don’t even know I’m stressed until I have overwhelming physical symptoms. Usually it’s sleeplessness or stomach pains. But this is like nothing I’ve ever experienced, and once I accepted it could be an underlying cause, it dawned on me I’m actually incredibly stressed right now.

Someone very dear to me is moving far away in a few months. I still haven’t gotten aggressive about teaching yoga now that I’m certified. And I feel deeply confused about my love life.

So I guess this is the universe’s way of smacking me upside the head and reminding me to take care of myself from the inside out; a reminder to continue to maintain stillness and inner peace with every step I take throughout the day. It’s hard to do, no doubt. And sometimes I forget.

But if you have any great home remedies for this itching hell I’m dealing with, please leave a comment below – and thank you!

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