The Perfect Recipe To Cook Up More Time

I wish there were more hours in the day. Have you heard yourself saying that one?

I know a recipe that can give you more time. I’ve taste-tested it, and am totally amazed by the results.

You’re probably saying, "But you can’t just make time! Minutes are minutes. There are 60 of them in an hour and 24 of those in a day. That’s science!"

I hear you, and I’d have said the same a few months ago. But now I know differently. Now, I’ve got this recipe etched into my memory, and I bake it whenever I’m feeling a lack of time. It always comes up with the goods! Let me share it with you.

This is a morning recipe that will expand to serve as many as needed.


An alarm-less wake up

A smattering of exercise

Some water

A delicious, lazy breakfast

The night before: make sure your alarm clock isn't switched on.


  • On the day you wish to create more time, wake up naturally. Open the window and curtains and get back into bed. Rest. Allow yourself to receive the beginning of the day through your senses – the touch, smell, sight, taste and sounds of it.
  • If you're thirsty, drink some water.
  • When you're ready, get out of bed and putter around with no particular end in mind. Smile a bit.
  • Go into your body and introduce the idea of some movement into it. What does it feel like doing? A short walk, some yoga, a cycle, some stretching? Listen to it and grant its wishes.
  • Pause and think about whether you’re hungry.
  • If not, use the time until you are to do something you love: sing, draw, read, paint, pamper yourself, or sit in your garden. Enjoy it.
  • When you’re ready for food, think about how you’d really like your breakfast to be.
  • Prepare a space to eat that is light, airy and clear of clutter. Lay out beautiful crockery and cutlery. If you like tea with your breakfast, get out the pot and put a brew on.
  • Slowly and lovingly prepare your food. Focus on the joy and nourishment that this food will bring you.
  • When you're ready to eat, pause for a moment, then enjoy every mouthful.
  • When you’ve finished, remain seated. Breathe. Enjoy the feeling in your bones and muscles from the gentle exercise. Enjoy the happy messages that your stomach is giving you from your food. Enjoy the fact that you’ve created space and listened to yourself.

This recipe will produce goodies that you can tuck away for the rest of the day:

Notice how much quicker you are at your tasks. Clock how much clearer your decisions are. Feel how your energy flows instinctively and naturally to the task it is ready to focus on. Observe the efficiency with which you complete the necessary tasks.

The magic of this recipe is that it alters your state of mind to one of gratitude, love, positivity and aliveness in the moment. With that altered state of mind, the possibilities for your day change. You have the ability to physically achieve more.

Just before I go, I want to reply to an objection may raise: But I haven’t got time for a morning like that.

That might be what you think now, and I wouldn’t blame you, but try my recipe a few times. It's most effective when you're brave – pick a day to cook it up when you know you have a lot going on and let it work its magic. You’ll be gifted with a cake full of extra time.

Happy baking!

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