Essential Oils To Ease The Transition From Pregnancy To Motherhood

Written by Ashley Turner

Many essential oils are known for their ability to calm and soothe, which means they're perfect for balancing emotions during pregnancy, postpartum and while caring for a newborn baby. Some oils that should be avoided during pregnancy, as they can disrupt normal development. For this reason, always be sure to consult a health professional before using essential oils during pregnancy or with a newborn. Here are a few essential oil tips perfect for pregnancy and beyond!

Lavender and myrrh for stretch marks 

Stretch marks appear when skin is overworked, which results in a weakening or breakdown of deep fibers. Stretch marks generally fade from red to silvery as weight decreases and skin returns to normal. When used as a preventative measure, lavender and myrrh help improve the elasticity of the skin, which can help decrease the amount of deep fiber damage and reduce visible appearance of stretch marks. Either can be mixed with a carrier oil and applied directly to skin. Apply a small amount daily and gently massage into the hips, stomach, thighs and any area that feels particularly taut, or to scar tissue.

Vetiver and lemon for postpartum depression

Pregnancy and the changes in life that occur afterward are hard on your body and your hormones! Vetiver oil is known for being psychologically grounding, calming and stabilizing, while lemon is known for its strong, purifying scent that revitalizes and uplifts. Either oil can be inhaled directly from the bottle or diffused in a room, but oils should only be diffused in rooms with young children when they are more than a year old. You may use room sprays or water bowls with essential oils for infants between six months and one year.

Fennel and clary sage for breastfeeding

Essential oils can be used to increase milk flow while breastfeeding. Fennel is stimulating to the glandular system, and clary sage contains natural phytoestrogens that can naturally raise estrogen levels. Make this blend by adding 10 drops of fennel and 10 drops of clary sage to 2 tablespoons of grapeseed oil. The mixture can be massaged in a circular motion onto breasts and the surrounding area at least once daily. Remember to remove any excess essential oils before nursing.

Roman chamomile and lavender for diaper rash

Roman chamomile is a warm, sweet, herbaceous scent that is soothing for the mind and can also be used to treat skin irritation. When using oils with a newborn baby, it's recommended to use half the usual amount of the oil to dilute its strength. To make the perfect blend to treat diaper rash, combine 1 drop Roman chamomile and 1 drop lavender with a carrier oil and apply to skin.

Please leave a comment below with any essential oil questions, and be sure to share how you use your favorite essential oil!

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