We Need To Relax Around Food

As most of us know, the reason traditional diets don’t work for any permanent amount of time is that they require effort, pushing, and resistance. Pressure and tension are traits we humans can't sustain; we're designed only to withstand it in spurts before we break down and run the other way.

All of the “managing” associated with conventional diets (counting, balancing, restricting, etc.) is also tiring and anxiety provoking. The pressure, the stress, the energy involved with dieting will always send us lunging to the freezer to eat half-frozen birthday cake when we finally “give-in.” There's only so long we can bear it before we seek relaxation.

Today, I urge you to listen to that message, rather than judge it:




When we relax around food, we enjoy it more and are satisfied by less, regardless of what we’re eating.

When we relax around food, we stop eating frantically, like manic wolves chewing meat off the bone. We slow down naturally, taking time to taste and appreciate what’s on our plate.

When we relax around food, we become mindful of what food feels like in our bodies. We are naturally more in tune with our bodies’ needs. The frantic diet “mind” quiets down, and the body is easier to hear.

When we relax around food, we relinquish shame. We live in acceptance of what is, and we do not live with the weight of the world on our shoulders (no pun intended).

Relaxation is the answer to all of your problems today. Put it into practice. And if you’d like more specific suggestions for how to adopt relaxation around food into your life, download my guide, How To Not Eat Chocolate Cake. There is a way out of the chaos.

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