Essential Oils: A Holistic Way To Send Headaches On Their Way

Written by Hayley Hobson

Over the past few weeks, I'd been getting headaches almost every day. I'm not a person who normally get headaches, so I knew something was going on inside my body that I needed to examine further. Did someone sneak gluten into my food? Was I not drinking enough green juice? Was I not getting enough sleep? Was I overworked? I knew the answer to the last one was a yes. It was time to give myself a little break.

But before I was able to find time to relax, the pain got really intense. I could barely see straight. It was creeping into my face and down my neck. And, as if that wasn't bad enough, the voices I was hearing of everyone around me were making me want to run for the woods.

I happened to be down in Florida visiting my parents at the time (no correlation to the headache), and my mother continued to ask me if she could give me a Fioricet. A Fioricet? I had no friggin' idea what that was. WHY would I want to take a synthetic, pharmaceutical drug when I had absolutely no idea what side effects it was going to give me?

I'm not a big fan of simply putting a bandage on the wound rather than trying to figure out how to heal the wound from the inside out. I took a deep breath. I knew the headache was stemmed from stress. I'd been in final drafts of my first book. My website just went through a redesign. I'd been traveling every week to teach classes around the country. My little one was missing me.

So, based on my own diagnosis, I knew I had to relieve the stress. Calm down my nervous system. Relax. Get grounded.

I applied a few drops of a blend of essential oils, which I call Tension-Taming Blend, on my forehead. It consists of lavender, frankincense, wintergreen, peppermint, cilantro, basil and Roman chamomile. I then applied a few drops of frankincense on my belly, wintergreen on my neck, and a blend of spruce, rosewood, Blue Tansy and frankincense to my feet. All of these oils have therapeutic properties that help support relaxation, the immune system, sore, achy muscles, and mood enhancement.

Have you ever had anesthesia? Your doctor injects you with an IV and within moments, you're OUT. That's what happened. Within moments, the oils penetrated my skin, I felt my overall state of balance completely shift, and my headache was GONE. It was unbelievable.

Over the years, I bet your medicine cabinet had gotten pretty crowded, right? Pain relievers, cold medicine, allergy pills… you may your very own pharmacy right in your home. But wouldn’t you rather treat yourself and your family with a purer alternative to over-the-counter drugs?

Pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils are a natural, safe alternative to the endless pills piling up in your home. Essential oils are made from plants, not in a laboratory, so you can truly feel good sharing them with your sick or injured loved ones. Essential oils will not only help you relieve a headache, but can help promote relaxation and digestion, and can treat insomnia, canker sores, bug bites, nausea, immunity problems and so much more. You name it. There's an oil for it.

Take your health care into your own hands. You can heal yourself with natural products.

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