Why We Need To Rebrand Yoga

In marketing, positioning is defined as the place where a word, person, or event rests within someone’s mind. Yoga’s current position is often associated with the following ideas: For women only, and, Only flexible people can do it, It’s like a religion, or, It’s not enough of a workout.

While positioning is not an exact science, it does provide much-needed insight into how people think about a specific topic. And it’s time to reposition yoga.

We need to rebrand yoga because:

  • We're stressed beyond what our bodies and minds can often handle.
  • We're eating, smoking, or drinking to excess to deal with the stress.
  • We're bombarded with an overabundance of information on a daily basis.
  • We're taking too many unnecessary medications.
  • Our financial and political systems continue to struggle.
  • Our planet needs an improved ecosystem for future prosperity.

In short, we need to reposition yoga so that more people can increase their self-awareness and rededicate their lives to an improved state of mental, physical and spiritual balance.

We can reposition yoga by:

  • Placing more men on the covers of yoga magazines.
  • Creating a “Got Yoga” media campaign featuring athletes, movie stars, and other recognizable personalities telling their stories about the role of yoga in their life.
  • Increasing the presence of yoga in the K-12 school system.

There are a variety of other strategies to reposition yoga as well. If we can at least recognize that the time is right for a concerted effort to help people better understand yoga, perhaps we can collectively take the much-needed first step to doing so.

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