4 Next-Level Juices Even Beginners Can Make

So you went out and bought yourself a juicer, juiced all the carrots, kale, and beets you could, and now you’re craving something with a bit more depth? Perfect!

Advanced juicing doesn’t mean standing at the other end of the kitchen and free-throwing your kale into your juicer, although if you have video of this I’d love to see it. When you start to expand your juicing horizons, it’s really all about flavor ratios. How sweet do you want your juice? What fruits and veggies lend their flavors to one another? The hardest part about juicing is the trial and error process; this sometimes means drinking that not-so-great-tasting concoction because you don’t want it to go to waste.

The following are a few tried, tested, and loved recipes from my own kitchen, just for you. Recipes are for one person and make about 10 ounces of juice. Increase ingredients accordingly to serve your little juiced army.


¼ pineapple

¼ grapefruit

1 orange


Cut rids off citrus and pineapple. Juice. Top with cinnamon.


¼ grapefruit

1 apple

½ bulb fennel (Even if you don’t like fennel just try it. Fennel loses much of its anise flavor when juiced).

1 large sprig of mint

Cut rinds off citrus. Remove mint leaves from stem (stem can be bitter). Juice and enjoy the incredible color of this tasty beverage.


Handful of kale (I use Lacinato kale as it is a bit sweeter than curly kale)

1 celery stalk

½ cucumber

1 kiwi

¼ pineapple

1 apple

1 ginger knob

Cut rind off pineapple, juice, and enjoy!


2 apples

1 carrot

1 lemon wedge

¼ yellow bell pepper

¼ cucumber

¼ celery

1 inch broccoli stem

1 inch red beet

Keep the rind on that lemon for this one. Juice will be cloudy but nonetheless delicious. Want a little extra awesomeness? Place in blender with ice and blend until smooth.

Remember, you can juice almost anything! Play around with flavor profiles you enjoy — citrus and fennel is one of my favorites — and have fun.

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