Helena Christensen Bares All for Reebok Ad: Her Diet & Workout

Helena Christensen, the 41-year-old supermodel, mom, and photographer, recently bared all for Reebok's Easy Tones ad campaign. How does she look so good?

FitSugar has the scoop on Helena's eating and exercise routine and here are some of the highlights:

Helena loves food:

"I eat a lot and I eat a lot of different foods. I eat a lot of dairy products. I don’t hold myself back in any way, and then, I just work out... 'Do you want to keep eating this much your whole life, and not move that much? Or do you want to cut back on your food intake?' And I decided that absolutely not. I would just literally not exist if I couldn’t eat the way I do."

Working out helps her deal with stress:

"You know life can be very confusing, and nowadays the way we live, it’s very easy to stress and feel anxious about so many things, that the only time we relax is when we sleep or work out. You kind of distract yourself from everything else because you're doing something that physically demands your attention."

Helena on listening to her body:

"I feel like your body requests certain things at certain times. Sometimes, you feel like you really need to eat more vegetables right now, more salads, and other times, it just asks for burgers all the time (laughs)."

You can check out the entire story about Helena over at FitSugar

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