3 Easy Ways To Use Nature To Meditate

Written by Jessica Cooper

We've become so disconnected from nature that spending time outdoors has become post-worthy, as in: I should post this on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter so people know I did something interesting outside.

Spending time in nature can do more than bring you some social media material, it can have long-term positive effects on your health, mood, and overall wellbeing.

So why not use nature to find inner peace?

Find a place to sit for at least 15 minutes where you won't be too distracted by cars or other people. Just sit there.

You may notice:

1. Change is inevitable and necessary. 

By actively watching your surroundings, you will see that the trees, grass, and plants must adapt to survive. If they didn't shed their buds for the Winter, they would not survive and receive renewal by the sun in Spring.

2. Obstacles are just a reason to find a new path. 

Now, focus on one tree for a minute and notice how it adapted to its surroundings in order to grow. Maybe you notice that there is a fence obstructing where branches could grow, and see that the tree gracefully re-directed itself in order to survive and flourish. The tree doesn't give up just because there are obstacles.

Don't stress about the obstacles in your life.

Trust in yourself and in the Universe that a new path will appear for you to flourish in.

3. Trees don’t need approval. 

A tree never needs to be told how to act like a tree. We should do the same. Seeking happiness through the approval of others is only setting one up for disappointment. Making choices that are healthy for YOU is what matters, the rest is just suffering.

Love yourself before you are too needy of love.

Trying to fill a void by directing your attention to another person is not healthy. Searching for someone to make you feel better, loved, special, whatever it is, will not do anything but make you cling to them in fear of losing that feeling. Spend time getting to know yourself, growing, and accepting yourself first. Then, a healthy relationship has room to enter because it will not be based on fear and need.

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