The Rise of Organic Corporate Vegetable Gardens

In an effort to encourage healthy eating and boost morale, companies like Google, Yahoo, Kohl's, and even Pepsi, have adopted a "fashionable new perk" --  organic vegetable gardens for their employees.

This awesome trend reported in today's New York Times still has a ways to go -- though stories like this one are definitely encouraging:

Harvard Pilgrim, a nonprofit health care company with 1,150 employees in New England, planted gardens at its campuses in Wellesley and Quincy, Mass., last year. Some of the neophyte farmers change into their gardening clothes at the end of the day. Others get down in the dirt every morning and then use the company showers.

Tammy Binette, 40, arrives at the Quincy branch 15 minutes before her 7 a.m. receptionist shift so she can water the crops. She harvests at lunch and sometimes drives extra produce to the local food bank.

Since all the beds are raised and the paths between them well tended, Ms. Binette just goes out in her dressy work shoes, taking them off and walking barefoot in the grass on nice days.

"I even went out there in stiletto heels a couple times," she said.

You can read the entire article at The New York Times here.

image via Jodi Hilton

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