Kick Off A Detox With Mind-Body Mondays

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the web of cleanse and detox information flooding your inboxes and minds daily?

Despite healthy results when completed safely, cleanses aren’t for everyone. They require a significant investment of time, energy, self-love, and care. They require healthy thoughts and patterns. The body cannot be cleaned without the mind’s support. The two are connected. We must start our healing journeys with the right mindset. We must nurture and nourish our minds and bodies together and most importantly, at our own pace.

If you’re looking for an accessible on-ramp into the world of healthy living, health empowerment, and health maintenance, join me on Mind-Body Mondays.

Below I submit my Ode to Mondays — my declaration of Mondays as my official Mind-Body day. I hope you will join me in thought or action. If you choose the latter, please remember to be gentle and kind with yourself. Like diving into an extreme sport after years of stillness, your mind-body may react in not-so-healthy ways. Start slow and “stretch” your way into this new you so that you remain motivated and committed every step of the way.

Ode to Mondays

On Mondays I will perform activities that stimulate, recharge, and renew my mind and body.

In the case of the mind, I will practice mindfulness and compassion. I'll always make sure to start my day with 10 deep belly breaths, followed by a minimum of 10 minutes in silence. As thoughts roll in, I'll do my best to lovingly observe rather than absorb and contemplate. I will be kind to myself, in thought and action, and I will be kind to others — to loved ones, to acquaintances, and to strangers — in thought and action.

In the case of the body, I will practice detoxification and self-care. I will give my body a break from chewing, a break from digestion. I will flood my blood and cells with oxygen, nutrients, chlorophyll, and enzymes, to enable them to focus on cleansing and repair. To do this, I will solely drink green juices and smoothies. I'll replace breakfast and lunch with green juices, and I'll close the day with a green smoothie or two. The green juices will deliver an instant supply of bioavailable nutrients to my body, without the need for digestive energy expenditure. The evening smoothie will provide nutrients and fiber, with the latter helping to move things along, to stimulate the GI tract and excretory pathways to release the toxins that have been mopped up and scavenged during repair.

I will end every Monday with an acknowledgement of my day's progress, challenges, and revelations. I will also recite what I am grateful for at that very moment in my life. Finally, I will set my intentions for the week and for the year (as our intentions and goals are ever-changing and evolving).

Whether you're on the first day or the seventh in a row, you'll experience benefits! In the case that you do experience a mild detox effect, it simply means toxins are being released faster than they can be eliminated. There are a number of activities you can perform to stimulate flow, movement, and relaxation to support the withdrawal of toxins (and negative thoughts) from your mind-body:

  • Self-massage (or treat yourself to one — you deserve it!)
  • Body brushing (preferably right before your morning shower)
  • Infrared sauna or steam room
  • Deep belly breaths (10 breaths, multiple times throughout the day)
  • Stretching (restorative yoga, slow and gentle movements)
  • Hot bath with epsom salts, baking soda and essential oils (eg, lavender and peppermint)
  • Smooching with your partner or snuggling with your pet

For those of you who wish to join me, I stress again that you do so at your own pace and level of comfort. Even a simple acknowledgement that you'd like to take part in Mind-Body Monday is a terrific place to begin. In terms of the body, you may already be practicing Meatless Mondays, which is beyond great. For those who are always meatless, perhaps you can choose to cut out gluten and dairy on this day. Or for those solely on a plant-based diet, perhaps today you can go raw.

To get us started, here are two concoctions — my mind-body healing green juice and smoothie recipes:

Deliciously detoxifying green juice:

  • kale (6 leaves)
  • celery (6 stalks)
  • cucumber (1/2)
  • fennel (2 stalks)
  • parsley (2 cups)
  • ginger (1 medium-sized piece)
  • carrots (2)
  • green apple (1)

Juice and discard pulp or save for use in (un)baking.

Sunset smoothie:

  • spinach (2 cups)
  • romaine (1 cup)
  • pineapple (½ cup, fresh or frozen)
  • gala apple (1)
  • banana (1, ripe & frozen)
  • ginger (1 medium-sized piece)
  • 1 tbsp each of flax and chia
  • 1 tbsp chlorella or spirulina powder

Optional: 1 tbsp almond butter or ½ avocado

Blend spinach and romaine with water. Add remainder of ingredients and blend with water.

Here's to a super-charged, super-productive, healthy, happy and calm Mind-Body Monday and week.

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