Pro Snowboarder Kimmy Fasani On Yoga, Ditching Gluten & More!

Written by Chris Roussy

Professional backcountry snowboarder Kimmy Fasani is the first woman to complete a double backflip on a snowboard in the park and the backcountry, and in 2011 was crowned “Ms. Superpark” by Snowboarder Magazine. Kimmy has played a definitive role in progressing the women’s backcountry snowboarding movement, transitioning her skills from the park and pipe to the bigger and untamed mountains.

I asked Kimmy a few questions about her training and health regimens, which she was kind enough to answer.

CR: What type of training was involved in attempting and completing a double backflip on your snowboard?

KF: I always make sure I am strong and fit. Doing that trick required a lot of visualization and confidence. I also tried doing the trick a couple times on a trampoline and in a foam pit.

You’re in training for your first triathlon; can you give us an update on the trials and tribulations?

I am hoping to participate in a triathlon in July, as long as my knee is strong by then. This healing process takes a long time, so I am just getting back on my bike and on my trainer. Having to start over with walking and biking is making me realize that this triathlon is going to be a huge milestone, even if I can just be part of a relay team.

Being gluten-free, do you find it frustrating at times trying to find an appropriate meal?

Yes, it's becoming easier to find good tasting gluten-free food. I have learned to modify a lot of food to make it fit into my eating regimen.

In endurance sports such as backcountry touring, snowboarding, and triathlons that typically require athletes to load up on carbohydrates such as pasta, do you find it difficult to maintain stamina?

I agree that it's important to load up on carbs for all these high endurance sports, but I always just modify to eating brown rice, quinoa, brown rice pasta, and GF bread. I make sure I am still staying energized but just avoid wheat and gluten whenever possible.

How has yoga impacted your life and athletic performance?

Yoga has taught me to be patient and enjoy the moment. Yoga has helped me stay lean and limber, while also keeping my mind calm and centered. I love the way I feel after doing yoga. During the winter, yoga is the activity I do the most because it's stretching me out and keeps me from getting sore.

Where did the concept and motivation for starting an organic bakery, Mimi’s Cookie Bar in Mammoth Lakes, Calif., derive from?

My husband, professional skier Chris Benchetler, and I are actually only part-owners in the bakery, and the other owners (Mimi and her fiance Delaney) are the ones who started this great bakery. Mimi is an amazing cook and she wanted to open a store in Mammoth Lakes, Calif. Chris and I thought it would be a great opportunity to get involved in something we love, since I love cooking and because we both have a big sweet-tooth. Also, bringing our community a local business that fills a niche that hadn't really been tapped into was important. Mimi does a great job at making gluten-free and vegan desserts, and I am honored to be part of the business, which you can check out at their website.

What can we expect from Kimmy Fasani in 2013?

This season I am focusing on healing my knee and getting strong again. I am also working with Boarding for Breast Cancer on their National "Shred the Love Tour." Giving back to the snowboard industry is very important to me.

Could you share some insight or advice for snowboarders looking to advance their skills in snowboarding?

The best advice I can give is to take your progression slowly. Learn the basics and build up a foundation of tricks. Visualize what you want to learn and be realistic about what you can do. Most importantly, have fun!

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