5 Ways To Eat For Your Best Body

Ever wondered how much the weight-loss industry is worth? Utterly recession proof, it's currently raking in $61 billion in the U.S. alone

This would totally be wonderful news if diets actually worked. Instead, studies are repeatedly showing direct links between weight-loss advertising and eating disorders. Almost 50% of us admit to having a binge when we finish a diet, while studies show that most dieters will regain all the weight they lose.

This makes the weight-loss industry the most successful failed business in the world.

Interestingly, though, in the past 20 years, 25 studies have proved that eating intuitively (i.e. deciding to make healthy choices, rather than counting points, drinking only shakes, eliminating carbs, whatever) is a far more effective way to attain the shape you want.

Here's how:

1. Make peace with food. 

“We usually crave what we can’t have. If there is full permission to eat whatever is satisfying, with no judgment, then a normal desire for any particular food will follow,” says Elyse Resch, a nutrition therapist and co-author of the recently re-published go-to health manual, Intuitive Eating; A Revolutionary Program That Works. No one thing will make you put on weight—only large quantities of the bad stuff will.

2. Honor your hunger. 

Intuitive eating means you're allowed to eat whatever you want, whenever you’re hungry, but only (and here's the catch) while learning the reasons behind why you’re reaching for food.

3. Keep a food diary. 

“We often don’t take time to observe how certain foods make us feel,” explains naturopath Renee Leonard Stainton. ”A great way to train yourself to start tuning in to your dietary needs is by keeping a food journal for a couple of weeks. Note down what you eat throughout the day, and rate your energy, mood, digestion, and jot down any other comments about how you are feeling.”

Reviewing the results at the end of each week will enlighten you as to how your body reacts to different food. You won’t need the journal forever, it's just a good way to start!

4. Try to avoid eating processed foods. 

“The body just does not recognize them,” explains iconic healer and self-help guru Louise Hay. “If the thoughts we think and foods you eat are good, you’ve got life made!”

5. Don’t scare yourself!

If we see certain foods as the enemy, we’ll obsess over them 24/7. It’s more effective to remind yourself that diet is the only external energy source our cells have. Eat things that will make you feel wonderful! And remember you can trust your own body’s intelligence! It’s not out trick you.

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