10 Ways To Make Your Work Your Life's Purpose

Many of us dream of being paid to do what we love. But let's face it: how many of us are actually doing that? A very tiny percentage of the world's population actually make a career from not only doing what they love, but from their actual life purpose. 

We generally put this into the "too hard" basket and plod along doing something uninspiring, because we need to make money to pay bills. Most of us believe it's just not possible to earn enough money from our purpose and our passion.

Last week was the last day of my career in finance as a broker trading bonds and swaps for the banks. I've spent 26 years here in Sydney on trading room floors, behind consoles of computers and phone boards. For many years, I wanted to leave my job and do something else. To be honest, did it primarily for the money. They call it the "golden handcuffs."

The money was good, the hours were good, and it was hard to walk away. But over the years, I felt a deep-rooted discontent each day. The money alone, as much as I intellectualized it, was never enough to make me feel that this was what I was here to do. I still felt that there was something else, but I just didn't know what or how.

I wasn't growing, and I wasn't reaching my fullest potential, and that in itself was uncomfortable. That discomfort was relevant, though. It was nudging me into action. I felt compelled to move forward, even though I wasn't entirely sure the how, where, or what.

So how do we make that transition from day job to life purpose? How do we become one of that very small percentage of the planet's population that actually earn their living from their passion?

Here are some simple steps that will help you to reach this goal:

1. Find your life's purpose! 

For many this will be the greatest challenge of all. We all have inherent skills and talents that are our way of expressing our fullest potential to inspire people and enact change on the plan. Finding that mission is the first step of the process.

2. Have a firm belief that you have the ability to earn a living from this mission. 

Change your perspective. Instead of aiming to "make money," you are "adding value."

3. Be patient and allow time to unfold. 

It will take time for your vision to manifest to the point where you’re able to earn enough money from this dream. Give yourself 1 to 2 years in the developmental phase until you were able to earn enough to live off.

4. Surround yourself with people who have the same vision as you. 

Bring together people that share your views, are motivated and inspired to join you in this process.

5. Think global. 

There are people all over the planet far and wide were able to bring your vision to life. With websites like Elance.com (a network for freelance gigs) and 99designs.com you are able to access people from all over the world who will be able to help you fulfill your vision.

6. Keep leaping over the hurdles. 

There will be many challenges in the process and these challenges are there to sift the people who are truly enthusiastic and hungry from those who are not. The successful people are the ones who continue to leap over the hurdles and do not surrender.

7. Have fun. 

This is a journey, not an end goal. It is about you, expressing your creative potential, and changing lives for the better.

8. Don’t leap from your day job too early. 

You'll need funding in the early stages of this process and as much as you may not enjoy your present gig, it still has relevance. Recognize that it's a stepping-stone and all stepping-stones have a purpose

9. Find a good mentor, guide, or business coach. 

These people will be a will to help you see something in yourself that you weren't able to see yourself. When someone helps you shift your perception of yourself to a higher level then you will naturally start to operate at a greater capacity.

10. Meditate daily. 

It has been proven that daily meditation sessions will increase your creativity, your consciousness, and keep you calm and collected throughout the process.

So there you go, 10 steps to help you make your career and your life purpose one and the same. If others can do it, then so can you! Please share with us your experiences in your transitional process, and I'd love to hear how you are going.

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