Is Your Body Expressing What You're Repressing? 3 Questions To Find Out

If you find yourself ignoring or downplaying the importance of what you feel within you, it's time to stop and give yourself some space to explore what's really going on.

This has been the biggest lesson of my life. By doubting my own truth and brushing aside the reality of my feelings, I created a world of inner struggle and unease. I was left feeling disconnected from myself and my life.

I was reminded of these doubts and unease on a daily basis because I could feel it in my body. Physically, I was experiencing pain, tension, and exhaustion. I struggled to speak my truth and would regularly lose my voice. Within myself, I also lacked a sense of emotional balance and resilience.

In hindsight, it's clear to me that my body was expressing what I was repressing. That my inner truth and self were yearning to be heard, and that my physical self was embodying the struggle I felt internally.

I now firmly believe that our body is the cornerstone of understanding and transforming how we feel within who we are. By learning how our body expresses itself, we can be guided to create a life in which we feel free, inside and out.

One of the strategies I follow each day to create that freedom is to ask myself, "Do I feel free or trapped within my body right now?" For me, this sense of freedom or entrapment is a signal of a "yes" or "no," of whether something is right for me or not.

By simply asking the question, I often find myself feeling more at ease and open to acknowledging my feelings and experiences.

To take this even deeper and explore how your body is expressing your inner experience, you can reflect on the following three questions:

1. What do you feel and sense in your body? 

Notice what physical and emotional sensations you experience in your body. Also pay attention to your energy and any intuitive senses that arise. How do these sensations and feelings respond to the different environments, relationships, and situations you experience? How do they shift and change within your body in relation to your thoughts and behaviors?

2. How do you hold and move your body?

Get curious about your physical stance and movement. Is your body tense in certain areas? Or do you feel a flexibility and freedom within how you move? Notice how your movements shift in different situations and in response to how you are feeing and thinking. Are there ways you hold and move your body that support you in feeling more empowered and free within who you are?

3. How do you use words and your voice?

When you speak, which words do you use, and how do they make you feel? How does your experience shift when you express yourself from a wholehearted place versus speaking in a reactive, mind-dominant way? Also notice how your voice sounds. Is your voice strong and clear? Or does it sound croaky or shaky? What are the situations in which you feel your words and voice flow more effortlessly?

These three questions will help you cultivate awareness of how you experience life through your body.

As you continue to unfold and surrender to what you experience in your body, you'll find more freedom, not only within your physical self, but in your whole life.

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