8 Ways To Achieve An Orgasmic Diet Naturally

Did you know there's a path to greater sexual satisfaction, and it begins with healthy nutrition and fitness? Discover how to use your sex muscle and learn how to eat orgasm-boosting foods to increase libido, speed orgasm, and increase erectile rigidity. A daily exercise routine, along with a diet that includes foods rich in libido-boosting qualities, will help you to stay at the peak of your sexual abilities. Here's how:

1. Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises can help strengthen your pelvic muscles, combat incontinence, and make sex more enjoyable. Your pelvic floor muscles give you better orgasmic control, and can mean the difference between a so-so orgasm and a toe-curling experience.

There are two types of contractions:

Slow contractions: Contract and lift your pelvic floor muscles for a count of 10, then relax your pelvic floor muscles for 10 seconds and repeat the contraction/relaxation 10 times.

Fast contractions: These faster contractions will help your pelvic floor to cope with unexpected pressures, like when you sneeze, laugh, or cough. Lift your pelvic floor muscles quickly and hold for one second, then relax for one second and repeat the contraction/relaxation ten times.

2. Breathing (Yoga or Tantra)

When doing pelvic floor exercises, correct breathing techniques similar to yoga are essential so that sexual energy is carried throughout the body. The deeper the breath, the stronger the orgasm. To practice, stand naked in front of a mirror and take some deep breaths in and out. When you inhale, expand your stomach without allowing your shoulders or chest to move upwards. As you exhale, breathe out through the mouth and gently draw the belly button towards the spine – you should feel a contraction from the inside.

3. Arginine

According to the book Great Food, Great Sex: The Three Food Factors for Sexual Fitness, the secret to great sex lies in foods rich in this amino acid. Arginine is found in whole grains, granola, peanuts, oatmeal, cashews, pecans, coconut, seaweed, seeds, chickpeas, watermelon, lentils, and spinach. This amino acid helps with nitric oxide production, which increases blood flow throughout your body and genital area. Protein such as meat, fish, eggs, and nuts are all great sources of this love concoction.

4. Omega-3s

Marrena Lindberg, author of The Orgasmic Diet, claims that men and women who strictly follow the full regimen of daily supplements and dietary changes will see improved libido in one to six weeks. Omega-3s are said to help your nervous system function more efficiently, which makes it an important addition to a sex diet. Omega-3s are primarily found in oily fish such as mackerel, salmon, and sardines. Alternatively, you can take fish oil supplements.

5. Maca

It's known as Peruvian ginseng, and is a superfood used to increase sexual desire, hormonal balance, and fertility in both men and women. It grows high in the Andes Mountains in Peru and has been used for thousands of years. Maca is great for the sex life because it contains high levels of minerals, enzymes and all the essential amino acids, which are essential for libido.

6. Seratonin

This is a head hormone that keeps you alert, energized, and helps you to handle stress. High serotonin levels in your body will decrease desire, but if they're too low they can lead to depression. Keep your serotonin levels healthy by avoiding foods such as coffee, soy, fizzy drinks, and by eating a balanced amount of complex carbs and healthy proteins such as potatoes, lentils, and nuts.

7. Dopamine

A sexy feel-good hormone. The really great news is that chocolate is associated with dopamine release. A study of women in The Journal of Sexual Medicine found that those who consumed at least one cube of chocolate daily reported significantly greater desire and better overall sexual function than those who did not.

8. Catuaba

A Brazilian herb that is known as the "tree of love," catuaba is known all over the world as the Brazilian Viagra without the harmful side effects. The bark contains substances that may act as a natural aphrodisiac within five to 21 days of taking extracts.

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