3 Steps Toward Manifesting Your Desires

Have you ever experienced synchronicity? Those little moments in life where everything just seems to line up? Where you feel like you're in exactly the right place at exactly the right time? Often it starts with some form of chaos. Life gets messy, you get frustrated or disgruntled, wondering what the heck is going on. But then the good stuff starts happening, things start changing, and you can't imagine how your life could have gone any other way. Lately I've been experiencing these little lineups almost every day, and it's how I know something huge is on the horizon. Two weeks ago I was in just such disarray. A tiny mess, mind you, but one I just couldn't see the end of. I was frustrated, overwhelmed, and at the end of my rapidly fraying rope.

Here are three ways I learned to open up to the world and manifest my desires. They could work for you, too.

1. Be open to synchronicity.

I work a day job — Monday through Thursday, the cube type of deal. But on January 1 I launched the career of my dreams, and that has required every ounce of my energy. I also teach yoga Mondays and Thursdays after work and spend Tuesday evenings heading up the local Young Life chapter. hanging out with teens. Then there are the weekends. I work all day Friday, marketing, promoting, writing, creating. Saturdays are devoted to nutrition school and often take up parts of my brain I didn't even know existed. I allow myself some good quality "me time" on Sundays, but even those sometimes get wrapped up in this crazy life I'm living. I realize it's only temporary, but that doesn’t stop the frustration from sinking in and the rope from fraying. It doesn’t stop the impatience I can’t bear as I wait for my passion to provide.

Two weeks ago, just when I couldn't bear my workload anymore, my husband and I jetted off to Hawaii for the week. I left my laptop at home, got a hot-pink bikini, and set out to enjoy every speck of the Hawaiian rum (ahem, I mean fun). Two days into my vacation things started happening. In the span of one hour, I had five new client consultations, four new program purchases, and MindBodyGreen had decided to publish my work. Emails were rolling in from woman after woman in need of healing, and my phone was ringing off the hook with new yoga offers. All while I was lying on the beach reading trashy vampire novels. It's amazing how that happens isn't it? Synchronicity. The second I threw my cares to the wind and my hopes to God, God writes back.

2. Believe in your outcome.

It wasn’t just that I stopped working, it’s that I believed it would happen from the beginning. I felt it coming. I noticed things lining up well beforehand and I prepared myself accordingly. I read a horoscope that told me to enjoy my slow January because February would be keeping me busy. Whether or not it was written in the stars, I believed with all my heart that February would bring an abundance of new business and new dreams. So I planned. I ordered 50 new copies of my planner, bought 50 new envelopes, and opened up four hours weekly in my busy schedule in devotion solely to phone consultations. I was open for business and open for possibilities. When that week in February rolled around, I was ready. I had faith that what I was working for would pay off.

3. Manifest your desires.

When I returned from Hawaii I realized that my dreams were just on the horizon, so I should enjoy everything leading up to them. In fact, this month my horoscope tells me everything will be pretty tied up this time in March, and I feel like believing that. The tasks I'm doing will somehow come together to send me in the direction of my destiny. I'm no longer rushing, or pushing, I'm simply letting. When your life is in balance, and you are open to the synchronicity in life and believe in the musings of your heart, you are more able to manifest the desires you want in life. Believe that you will have them, and they will come to you. See yourself in that new job, that new life, that new relationship, and the universe will start lining itself up for you to receive it. You might not understand how everything will work out, you just have to trust that it will. If you’ve hit the part where it gets messy, stay tuned, this is where the magic happens. This is where it really starts to get good.

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