Don't Let Labels Define How You Eat

As a mom, wife, dog companion, house keeper, business owner, health coach, student, teacher, speaker... Oh, you get the drift. I have labels put upon me — a LOT of labels. But as a person who doesn’t eat animal products, the labels become much more confusing.

It seems there was a time where people just ATE. Now, there has to be a label on every type of eating choice: Vegetarian, Raw, Vegan, Flexitarian, Pescetarian, Chicketarian, Lacto-ovo, and I even knew someone who called herself a bacotarian because she couldn’t give up bacon as a food option.

You see, not eating animal products always comes with questions. Do you eat eggs? Do you drink milk? Is chicken broth OK? Can you eat bacon bits?

When people eat animal products, I don’t walk up to them and ask “But do you eat cows, pigs, or chicken?” So how come when you don’t eat those things people feel like they need to specify?

They are looking for a label!

Now throw in the entire wheat-free, soy-free, processed, artificial junk-free diet choice. Try to explain THAT to a chef at a restaurant, let alone a friend.

Adding one more little funky label to the mix is that I’m a CrossFitter who doesn’t eat animal products. What I do eat are the foods that nourish and fuel my body to provide optimal performance, both mentally and physically. I eat what makes me feel good. Maybe that makes me a Feelgooditarian?

To it all, I say ,“Labels shmabels”! Eat what makes you feel good and stop worrying about what to call it, what people will think, and how to communicate your eating choices. Your body and mind will thank you. If you choose not to eat animal products while fueling your body, the animals will also thank you.

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