21 Steps To March Forth On March 4

Written by Barry John Johnson

Someone once brought to my attention that the date March 4 is maybe the only date that can be sort of translated as a sentence, or at least a command: March forth. I took a mental note and tried to figure out any other dates that made up any kind of phrase, then went on with my life.

Years later, as I starting working with people to achieve goals, I noticed the command and date March 4 could serve a purpose. It came a certain time after New Year’s Resolutions were established whereby these goals, desires, intentions may have been forgotten or have simply hit the mud. March 4 became a good check point, monitoring and follow through date. I could say on March 4 we are going to see what you need to March Forth on.

To March Forth means to establish intent, to engage willpower and hopefulness, often enough to take just one step. The self-command might be needed at a time when we feel stuck, when we need to keep plugging away and do whatever work at hand is necessary. This can often be psychological and or personal spiritual work.

To March Forth can mean we are soldiering up, plodding and muddling through, to do the best we can. It may be when we can barely lift one foot just high enough to let the slightest bit of momentum, leaning our bodies, push us forward, in any area where, deep down, we know we need to move from.

To March Forth does not imply charging, or pushing through haphazardly. If anything, it implies a slow methodical step in the right direction toward some particular goal, often one which may frighten us. It implies a careful step with discernment, whereby we maintain our overall balance and don’t fall as we progress.

For me, March Forth doesn’t have to be connected to New Year’s Resolutions; it can be anything in our lives that we might have to remind and motivate ourselves to direct effort for desired change. In working with people to tackle key areas in which they hope for improvement, some common fronts to March Forth toward include the following:

1. MARCH FORTH, past comfort zones, toward challenge and growth.

2. MARCH FORTH, past trauma, facing and processing trauma.

3. MARCH FORTH, toward appreciation and gratitude.

4. MARCH FORTH, away from fears of intimacy and toward love and loving overtly.

5. MARCH FORTH, away from stress and anxiety, toward healing and tranquility.

6. MARCH FORTH, past judgment, past self-judgment.

7. MARCH FORTH, past old shames, fears, grievances, and feelings of inadequacy.

8. MARCH FORTH, toward greater expression of needs, desires, and boundaries.

9. MARCH FORTH, toward resolving conflicts and discussing the elephant in the room.

10. MARCH FORTH, toward acceptance and forgiveness.

11. MARCH FORTH, toward greater self-care.

12. MARCH FORTH, past addictions, denial, and any form of self-medication beyond self-love.

13. MARCH FORTH, from caring what the neighbors, the Joneses or what anybody else thinks.

14. MARCH FORTH, toward your true calling, away from your JAY OH BEE (job).

15. MARCH FORTH, toward your dreams when it may make no practical sense.

16. MARCH FORTH, with all relationships that provide love and support, redefining or leaving behind all others.

17. MARCH FORTH, toward true love versus settled companionship.

18. MARCH FORTH, toward everyday honesty and radical self-honesty.

19. MARCH FORTH, trusting intuition and inner sources of wisdom.

20. MARCH FORTH, toward being your true self.

21. MARCH FORTH, toward loving the current moment.

So on March Fourth consider one of the above, or something more personal, and give the command to MARCH FORTH. :)

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