Treat Yourself Right! 5 Easy Tips To Get Started

Written by Laura Prevost

You remembered to get groceries. You filled the car up with gas. You baked a cake for your friend’s birthday. You sent your kid off to school with homework done. What did you forget? Oh yeah, to start dinner, clean, get your presentation together for the company and do laundry. 

But wait, what did you really forget?

Um ... errr ... Yourself?

When did you take a moment to love on you?

I know, I know, life can get a bit full and lush sometimes but that's when it’s vital to share all of your love with yourself.

So, how do you move this idea of "loving yourself" from the subconscious to the conscious? You bring it into the now, into your daily awareness. Here are some tips to get you started:

1. Put sticky notes all over your house. 

Put one on the front door. One on the mirror. One on the fridge. Affirmations on the sticky notes can serve as reminders (e.g. I love me, taking time to love myself opens me up to receive all of the fabulosity the universe is gifting me, When I take time for me I gift myself with Love).

2. Set an alarm on your phone. 

This is a quick and simple way for you to prioritize yourself daily. Set the alarm as an ongoing daily alarm, and you don’t even have to think about it except when it reminds you to love yourself.

3. Schedule it into your calendar. 

Use whichever scheduling system you use daily to keep your life somewhat organized. This will make sure you see it every day, multiple times.

4. Use a free text reminder site. 

Two sites I like are or, which allow you to schedule your reminders (with loving affirmations!) ahead of time.

5. Find an accountability buddy. 

Perhaps it's a friend who’s trying to implement more self-love. Or a group of friends. Figure out how you want to check in with each other and DO it.

For some of you, self love may be super simple. For others it may be a challenge. Remember this: wherever you are in your journey, it’s okay, and you’re okay. Loving yourself may start as 5 minutes once a week. Maybe it’s 5 minutes a day. The point of these reminders is to bring your loving awareness back to you.

When you give to yourself, you more lovingly give of yourself.

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