5 Ways To Stop "Feeling Fat"

Written by Isabel Foxen Duke

Feeling fat is THE WORST.

I’m convinced it’s the number one trigger in the world for self-pity binge eating (which some of you may know about), and is also the biggest obstacle standing between Women and Getting Things You Want In Life (another reason for self-pity binge eating).

So here are my top five tips for getting over it... your life awaits.

1. Get dressed.

Seriously, you’ll feel better. Many of us spiral downward into feeling crappy about ourselves because we lunge for the stretchy pants and oversized sweatshirt the moment we feel “less than.” That’s letting our feelings determine our actions, rather than the other way around (which works a lot better). Before you let your "fat feelings" ruin your good time, I challenge you to shave your legs, put on some decent clothes, and swipe on some mascara. Get dolled up, and remember, you’re kind of a bombshell. Bonus points for getting out of your apartment and showing off your bad self.

2. Get your sweat on. 

Not because working out will help you lose weight, but because movement increases self-confidence and makes everyone “feel thinner” immediately. Endorphins are not a joke. We can’t help but feel sexier and better about ourselves after a great workout.

3. Have sex (with a partner or without).

Like exercise, sex releases “self-confidence” chemicals, and it reminds you of something your body’s good for. ;)

4. Ask yourself what you're “feeling fat” over.

Sometimes we place actual feelings (like fear or disappointment) on our bodies because they're easier to deal with that way. One way to banish the “fat feelings” for good is to uncover what they really mean. Are you feeling insecure in your relationship? Are you struggling with a major life decision? Self-doubt shows up as “fat feelings” all the time.

5. Name five of your genuine interests outside of food and weight. 

Do you have a hobby? Are you an interesting person? Remember: You Are More Than Your Weight. If this is difficult for you, I highly recommend downloading my guide to thinking and eating like a “normal” person.

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