The Only 3 Questions That Matter

We’re distracted. 



Too tired to try.

Too “damaged” to open up.

Too absorbed with getting more to bother giving.

We tell ourselves “I’ll get to it later.”

It sounds like this:

One day, I’ll book that trip, begin that exercise program, leave my 9 to 5, launch my own business. 

One day, I’ll start dancing, writing, singing, painting... again... 

One day, I’ll open up, be more trusting, make that call, send that email, forgive them...

One day, I’ll contribute to that charity, spend more time with my kids, donate my energy...

When life unravels her final delicate knot, and time has etched her signature on your hands and heart, there will be only three questions that matter:

  1. Did I live? (Fully)
  2. Did I love? (Completely)
  3. Did I matter? (Did I make a difference in the world?)

Pay attention to where you are anchored on a daily basis.

Is it in distraction and overwhelm?

Is there an overindulgence in past wounds that is denying you the opportunity of now?

Examine your personal routes to awakeness.

What activities put you in a mindset of living fully, loving completely, and giving generously?

Maybe it’s breathing, laughing, playing hooky from work, setting the alarm 30 min later, dropping the kids off with your parents or hiring a nanny for a 2 day getaway or an art class every Thursday night.

Whatever gets the speedometer racing on your conscious dashboard, do it. Take it.

And by the way, I’m not asking you to do “more.” (I can see the eye-rolls and hear grumbles from here.)

I’m asking you to do what matters.

What inherently has deep meaning for you. There’s a difference. Mind it.

Allow for full expression. (You’re safe. G’head go BIG.)

Be vulnerable and feel safe in that vulnerability. (We love humility and humanity.)

Honor social contribution as much as you value social acceptance. (We will return the favor.)

Say thank you.

Hold the excuses.

Make it matter.

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