Your Thoughts Make YOU Who You Are, How to Make Them Work For You

Every thought you have, whether it's a conscious or subconscious thought, is creating your reality, opportunities, and is affecting your relationships. It’s easy to be aware of your conscious thoughts and shift them into more positive, healthy patterns.To work on the subconscious thoughts, you must be willing to release your negative mental programming and step out of your comfort zone in order to make room for a positive, healthy self-image and belief system.

Conscious thoughts are easily malleable, while subconscious thoughts will usually manifest themselves as dense feelings or emotions.

An easy way to identify what your subconscious is putting out there is to notice your feelings. Do you have feel that you aren’t good enough, or that things never go your way?

The good news is: Once you identify what your negative subconscious thought patterns are, you have the power to deprogram them.

Here’s how: Instead of trying to resist the negative thought pattern, redirect it. Take the energy of the negative thought and re-channel it into a positive thought. Visualize this positive thought, in detail. See yourself surrounded by light and imagine how you feel in the positive moment.

With a little mental conditioning, whenever the negative thought occurs, your mind will automatically flow into the linked positive thought. If the negative thought is visual (a mental image) or kinesthetic (a gut feeling), you can use a similar process.  In many cases the thought will manifest as a combination of all three (visual, auditory, and kinesthetic). Doing this will shift your energy and allow you to easily and effectively attract the positive energy and experiences that you desire in your life.

We are all affecting our world every moment, whether we mean to or not. Our actions and states of mind matter, because we’re so deeply interconnected with one another. Working on our own consciousness is the most important thing that we are doing at any moment. Everything starts with your thoughts.

Check out my favorite author, Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth for a life-changing look into how to change your thoughts, your life, and this world.

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