A Refreshing New Use For The Yoga Block

Written by Sage Rountree

You know to use a yoga block to bring the floor closer in Triangle Pose, and you might love resting on a block for Bridge Pose, but have you used the block for feedback in your core work?

As I demonstrate in this video, a block can give you useful information about the state of your pelvis in Table Pose and Spinal Balance. From a position on hands and knees, rest the block horizontally across your pelvis, setting it on its second height. (Lower won’t give you the opportunity to knock the block off so easily, and higher is just cruel.) It should be a few inches below the waistline, which moves it away from the small of your back and onto the very top of the glutes.

With your block in place, play with spinal balance. Can you reach an arm forward, or to the side, without disturbing the block? What about a leg? What about one arm and the opposite leg? If you can hold the block steady while you extend a limb for a few breaths, can you do the same moving with the breath? Try it: Inhale and reach your right arm forward and left leg back; exhale and replace them on the floor, then do the other side. If that goes well, can you move even faster? This is what we do when we run; we move contralaterally (as one arm pulls back, the opposite leg swings forward). Having a strong, supported core will help maintain a healthy and efficient position between the pelvis and spine. More stability here means less wasted effort and less potential for injury on the road.

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