3 Simple Practices To Help Eliminate Fear And Strengthen Faith

Written by Michael Eisen

We all know how debilitating fear can be, right? But it doesn’t have to rule your life! I’ve found that if I can make friends with my fears, accept that I have them and that they do surface at times, and choose to let them go instead of dwell on them, I spend so much more of my life feeling good, safe, and free. I also believe that in order to truly be able to let go of our fear we need to substitute it with something stronger, something that vibrates at a higher frequency.

This is where the faith factor comes into play. The opposite of fear is faith, and choosing faith is far more empowering than choosing fear. First we become conscious of our fears, then we substitute them with more faith. It may sound simple, but it truly does work!

Below are three practices that have significantly helped me learn to let go of my fears and to trust the power of the faith factor! Try them for yourself and see how they can transform your lives for the better.

Practice 1: The Fear Pot

This is a great way to recognize what your biggest fears are and practice letting go of them and the control they have on your life. The first step is to take a blank piece of paper and write down your top five fears, the ones that are holding you back the most from living your ideal life. While it may be challenging to write them down, I ask that you trust the process — awareness is the all-important first step. The next step is to take each of these five fears and write them out on a separate piece of paper. Once this is completed, find a garbage can. Read each of the fears out loud to yourself. Then take a big breath in, and as you let the breath out, begin to rip the fear up into pieces. Throw what remains of that fear into the garbage can. Once this is completed, say out loud, “This fear no longer controls me; I choose faith and love instead.” Repeat this process with each of the remaining fears.

This practice can be incredibly therapeutic; just ripping up the piece of paper is a great release. The reason for the garbage can is that this is where your fears belong — with all the other trash you dispose of.

Practice 2: Fear-Thought Substitution

Take out a blank piece of paper. Create a column called “Fear Thoughts.” Under this column begin by writing down all of the fear thoughts that pop into your head. Create a second column called “Faith Thoughts.” Now take each of your fear thoughts and create a corresponding faith thought. Get in the habit of training your mind to substitute fear with faith every time fear comes up. The more you practice this process, the easier it will be. Eventually you will train your unconscious mind to focus on faith instead of fear.

Here are some examples to get you going:

Fear Thought: I’m never going to meet this deadline.

Faith Thought: I get everything I need to get done with plenty of time to spare.

Fear Thought: What if I’m really sick?

Faith Thought: I am well and I embrace all that life brings me with an open mind.

Fear Thought: My boss will never give me a raise.

Faith Thought: I am worthy of a raise and I’ll ask for it with confidence.

Fear Thought: I’ll never get that job I want.

Faith Thought: There are lots of great jobs out there, and I know I will get one.

Fear Thought: I’ll never meet the right person to marry.

Faith Thought: The world is full of wonderful people I could fall in love with.

Fear Thought: I’ll never be rich.

Faith Thought: I am intelligent and resourceful and I will always have enough money.

Practice 3: Daily Gratitude List 

I have found that gratitude is a great thing to focus on when you’re feeling afraid. Instead of thinking about all the things that aren’t going to work out in your life, begin focusing on what’s going well — right now! To do this, try creating a daily gratitude list. At the beginning and/or end of each day spend some time writing all the things you are grateful for in your life. It can begin with something simple, like, “I am grateful to have all five senses,” or “I am grateful to have a roof over my head, clothes to wear, etc.” This may feel challenging at first, but don’t worry, that’s normal. If you have spent most of your life focusing on what you don’t have or what you’re afraid of, then it can be hard to shift to being grateful for everything. Whenever you feel fear or panic come up, pull out your gratitude list and read through it. This will allow you to shift your focus and, as a result, change how you are feeling about your life and activate the power of the faith factor!

Remember, the choice is always yours: fear or faith. I choose faith! What do you choose?

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