Airport Yoga!

Two years ago I experienced firsthand how business travel can be brutal on the body when I logged over 100,000 frequent flier miles. (We'll save my story for another time.) Today's New York Times talks about how more business travelers are turning to yoga.

Steve Borema (pictured) is married with two teenage children, travels 150 days a year and has practiced yoga daily for the past four years:

Initially, it helped me dealing with homesickness and melancholy... All of us on the road suffer some sort of guilt, being away from our families. Yoga really calmed my head, helped keep me from thinking about things I had no control of.

Michelle Olson, an exercise physiologist, on the benefits of yoga while traveling:

Research has shown that those who practice yoga and Pilates have improved sleep quality... That’s a big plus for travelers... If you’re sitting for hours on a plane, your hip flexors and hamstrings and other muscles shorten, and we know that can lead to back problems... Yoga, because it involves a lot of moves and positions that lengthen those muscles, can be very beneficial in combating joint stiffness at the hip joint and preventing back problems.

The article mentions other yoga success stories and provides some yoga poses that work well when traveling. Did you know that the Detroit airport has "Reflection Rooms" where you can meditate and practice yoga? Namaste to that!

You can read the full article at The New York Times

image via Ben Garvin/NY Times

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